Two questions came up in last night's game of Dungeoneer

Hi again,

I introduced Dungeoneer to friends last night and the games went well, but two things came up:

  1. On a turn I got tipped and didn't have movement left to arise. Great, I'm immobilized.

My next turn comes around and on the Dungeonlord phase, I get encounters played on me. Do the monsters just get to beat on me since I am still immobilized, literally "unable to move"?

  1. Rat Swarm: The damage line states that 1 wound is inflicted on the Hero and place 1 token on the card. Then what? If the Rat Swarm is not damaged, it is supposed to go back into your hand, as opposed to your pack if it is damaged and has damage tokens on it...

Could you clarify how Rat Swarm works?



P.S.. Say, if we have suggestions for new sets, should we post them to this forum?

Greetings MRB!

  1. The only penalty of being tipped is that you may not spend a movement point (except to untip). You still get your counter-attack rolls.

  2. The Rat Swarm can stay in your Pack (even undamaged). So if it hits place a token on it. The next time it attacks it gets an additional attack for each token on it.

I'm not sure what Atlas Games' policy is regarding card suggestions.