Two questions :)

Right, two short questions:

  1. Would the Magical Focus on Ghosts be Major or Minor?
  2. In Flexible Formulaic Magic, do I roll against the unmodified level even though the Range, Duration or Target is modified, or do I roll against the modified level?



I would say minor. Cool focus, BTW

I would roll against the modified level.


Ye Medieval Ghostbuster? :wink:

I too would say modified level for FFM

Just making a Tremere with the habit of summoning ghosts of Roman Legionaries to fight for him. :slight_smile:

But that asks the question again, if Tremere can have another magical focus? Hmpf.. there's another tread on that in here somewhere...


Well apparently he could initiate one if all else fails.

I just feel like the rules are a bit clumsy when it comes to Magical Focus and Tremere. Would be great to get an "official" word on the issue :slight_smile:


The official rules say that one character may have one focus. Anything else becomes potent magic.

Well indeed, the RAW is 1 magical focus, at a time however. So your magus could legally start with certamen as required and then perhaps either buy a different mmf to supersede the House freebie (if you dont mind effectively losing 1 point of Virtues) OR you could have the character initiate a replacement focus during play.

Either way would work within the RAW I would think.

Hmm - giving up the virtue would count as a minor ordeal...

The official word, as I understand it, is that you can only have one focus at a time, and yes, all Tremere, saving certain exceptions, have the House Virtue.

Sucks to be them, and all that.

Many of us are quite content with altering the Tremere house virtue. Perhaps your troupe could be persuaded to do the same. Send them to this board and we'll make the case for you. :slight_smile:

I'd say minor focus for ghosts.

Maybe Tremere was the weakest founder but it doesn't mean his descendants have to be weak, too.
It is cool if they have some certamen champions but not all of them.

1 minor
2 modified

Ghosts would be minor, since spirits, faeries, or magical beats would be major.

I'd say FFM rolls against modified score.

I'd say that a starting Tremere character can certainly start with a magical focus different from the default , since the character either had a preexisting focus to something else, which Tremere training couldn't change (the character can always change the House specialty to Potent Magic) or he underwent an Initiation to develop another kind of magical focus, and sacrifice the House focus as an ordeal during the post-apprenticeship development.