Two Questions

Two rule questions came up in my PbP game, I thought I'll get advice on them here.

  1. If a magus with Inventive Genius is assisted by another with Inventive Genius (in some lab work), do the benefits of the two virtues stack with each other?
    The answer seems to be No - the primary researcher enjoys from the benefits of the assistant's virtues, but the primary researcher already has said virtue he doesn't get to enjoy it twice.

  2. Is a roof a Part of a building? Or is it an Individual onto itself?
    We are talking about a thatch, hay, roof, and wood building.

  1. I'd say yes since if you take a virtue to add intel, you still add it.
  2. I'd say Part target unless it is not sitting on a room/house.


I agree with both.

Both virtues would apply.
Roof is part of the building, not an individual.


Another two querries, if you please:

A) So inventive genius affects the primary researcher's efforts, adding to his lab total. Great. What else does? The only one I would tend to approve would be Puissant Magic Theory - but if the list is so small, wouldn't the designers just list it down instead of saying "appropriate virtue, like Inventive Genius" ?

B) Ring duration - just how easy is it to physically break the ring, ending th spell? If we have a band of metal as the ring, would it need to be shattered or cut at some point? Would placing a hair on it disrupt the spell? What?

P.S, Sphynx - everytime I see you post I cringe at the thought of not letting you game in my PbP for so long... :blush: If all goes well, Rintaldantin will show the characters on their way to a scene including you, so a few weeks I think - assuming you'll still want to join. :blush: I am profoundly sorry for my tardiness.


  • Great Intellect
  • Puissant MT
  • Inventive Genius


I would say that the circle Need to be fully broken. Let it be by a a foot stepping on it, a leaf falling on it or a hair.

Permanant rings that can have a thicker circle (Since it is well prepared & can have a 3d design that would render it difficult to fully cut) would endure more since the peice of hair will probably not cut the circle, not would the leaf & meaby not even if someone stepped on it.

Even if the circle is broken for but just a moment, the ring duration ends but can be reinstated by recasting the spell.