Two questions

  1. Any news on the Theban tribunal book? I am looking forward to it. Perhaps a table of contents… :slight_smile:
  2. Is it possible with Vim magic (or similar) to make it possible to add tables to ease information managing in the game forums so that we don’t have to write our spell lists in some quirky home made format.



  1. It's layed out, and I'm half way through proofing it. Should go to press in the next two weeks. If there's not a Table of Contents up by then, just remind me.

  2. Describe to me what you need in more detail, please. Or, better yet, if it would require a modification to our forums, go to and find the add-on you need, and send me the link so we can install it for you.

Ok i'll try...

I want a table in post something like :
| List of spells |
|Spell name | Te+Fo | Level | Casting total (Te+Fo+Sta) |
|Pillum of fire | CrIg | 20 | +11 |

But with a much nicer layout so that. Not sure but they seem to discuss something like this here: ... 21&start=0

Hope it is some help.


Which makes it look like September for a release. Are there going to be any other Ars books out this year or just the two?

We have three other ArM5 books that David has turned over for layout/proofing ... Rival Magic, Legends of Hermes, and The Church. It's possible we could get another one out this year, still, but I can't promise it.

Would it be possible to have more details on them? :smiley:

The Church gets it's own book, when we have RoP: The Divine? Nice, I like it. I'm watching the Pillars of the Earth mini series these days. So much inspiration to be had there.
Rival Magic also sounds interesting. A counterpart to Magi of Hermes, perhaps? But Legends of Hermes, what can that be about? A campaign book maybe?

A book I would like to see some time is a book about alternate time periods for Ars Magica. Each chapter of the book could detail one period, perhaps. For instance, Ars Magica set before the Order was formed, or even in the 14th or 15th century. A book like that could have different takes on the mythic paradigm, and guidelines for how to set the campaign in other eras. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and by the way, will we see a Table of Contents for Thebes soon? That would be great :slight_smile:


30 pages left of Thebes for me to proof/layout. Should be to press this week, I'm hoping. Thanks for the reminder on the ToC. Soon!

Here's info on the three books I have completed manuscripts for, to make up for Thebes taking so long ...

The Order of Hermes is supreme, unchallenged in its mastery of magic. All other magicians are hedge wizards ... maybe interesting to researchers, but certainly no threat. Or so magi of the Order tell each other. And most of them believe actually it.
The four traditions in this book prove the folly of that complacency:
[]The Augustan Brotherhood uses magic discovered in the tomb of Virgil to support its political ends. Its members serve as court wizards, relying on mundane force as much as magic.
]The Soqotrans dwell quietly on their island in the distant east, staying out of politics and looking nervously at an expansionist Order.
[]The Amazons, warrior wizards beyond the borders of Europe, harbor a deep hatred of the Order for reasons that no magus could ever guess.
]And in icy north, the Muspelli plot to release their jotun masters and destroy the world in frost and fire.
How long can the Order of Hermes maintain its pleasant illusion of superiority?

Throughout its history, some members of the Order of Hermes have stood out from their peers, whether for their brilliance or for their sheer stubborn pursuit of a goal. They are the legends of the Order, magi of whom all have heard, and whom some try to emulate. Some of them have left legacies that have yet to be fully uncovered.
Legends are never complete.
This book details five such magi from across the Order's history: a brilliant researcher who extended Hermetic theory, an advocate of peace on the eve of the Schism War, a master of spirits, an obsessive constructor of magical defenses, and the flamboyant master of a flying castle. All have left treasures behind, treasures waiting to be found by living magi.

God rules Mythic Europe in awesome majesty, served by the angelic hosts. For most people, however, the majesty of the local bishop is awe-inspiring enough, and God is served by the priests, monks, and friars who share their communities. The church touches every aspect of life, and every individual heart. Even magi in their covenants must contend with the church, and many trust it with the salvation of their souls.
The Bride of Christ
This book provides background and rules for the western church as a human institution, covering the organization of dioceses, monastic orders, and daily devotion. It also covers the role of women, and looks at the Knights Templar and Franciscans in more detail. As a human institution, however, the church is not immune to corruption, and this book also discusses how some of the great orders of the church might fall to the Infernal. Bring the faith of your characters to life.

I split this topic, since it had become discussion rather than actually questions for Atlas. Response to Rival Magic, Legends of Hermes, and The Church is now located here:

Any new of the second of my questions?

BBCode is enabled, so you should be able to use that to generate tables. ie. [table] [tr] [td]table data[/td] [/tr] [/table]

I just added the table variables to the list of options above the text field when you're writing your post. Hope that helps!

Will try to figure out how it works... I fear my vim score are to low... But thanks.

Here's a site I've found useful, which auto-generates the bbcode for tables: ... rator.aspx

I tried the tool but the resultas are strange... Take a look if you have the time and perhaps you could give me a clue on what's happening here.Thanks for the help

Looks like we're missing the BORDER option...

In another forum we have the following:

[table border="1"][tr][td] Voz [/td][td] Mod. [/td][td] Gestos [/td][td] Mod. [/td][td] Alcance da voz [/td][/tr][tr][td]Alta[/td][td]+1[/td][td] Exagerados [/td][td]+1[/td][td]50 passos[/td][/tr][tr][td]Firme[/td][td]0[/td][td]Fortes[/td][td]0[/td][td]15 passos[/td][/tr][tr][td]Baixa[/td][td]-5[/td][td]Sutis[/td][td]-2[/td][td]5 passos[/td][/tr][tr][td] Nenhuma [/td][td]-10[/td][td]Nenhum[/td][td]-5[/td][td]0 passos[/td][/tr][/table]

But this forum doesn't recognize the "border" bit of the table code.

testing ...

Weird ... looks likes the TABLE BBCode is triggering a whole bunch of space before the table. It doesn't show up in the HTML source code for the page, though, and there wasn't any spacing between "testing ..." and the table when I typed in my test post.

Test 2?


The problem seems to be in the TH (header) code.