Ubi est Berklist?

Has the Berklist died again?

The last digest I received was early August and I've sent a message since.



I just re-joined recently, after many years away from it. After a few days of digest mails, it suddenly stopped. I dod not notice at once, since I get loads of mail daily, and haven't had too much time to read it in detail during the last couple of week.
I was afraid my spam filter was to blaim, and was working up the energy to explore this option (I've had some mail from mailing lists blocked, with no apparent logic to it).
But if others are also missing it, the problem might not be at my end. I haven't tried posting there, though.
If all of those who seem to be missing the berk-mails sent one to it, we should get at least some response. I think I'll do that, some time this weekend.

I ahdn't noticed because I'd been studying for exams.

I've pinged off a message to the list maintainer:

lists.csua.berkeley.edu/mailman/ ... ars-magica

Please don't spam the poor guy. I'll update people on a response or ask him to post directly to this thread on the forums.



My last digest was on Aug 8th, but the website responds and shows that no new posts have been made since Aug 7th:

Last message date: Tue Aug 7 13:38:27 PDT 2007
Archived on: Tue Aug 7 13:33:53 PDT 2007

Did conversation just die down for a while?


Vacations might explain it. Most forums and email lists I am in, slow down a lot during summer. You know, you need no excuses not to work and all that.



Well, sadly (and strangely, since, afak, everything's fine), I never seemed to be able to get any message from it, so I can't say I miss it :confused: