UK Ars Magica Convention update

Neil and Sheila met two of the committee of Constitution. They have arranged for the Grand Tribunal to have its own dedicated room, in Buckingham House (the new building just next to the main college entrance). We can use this for any panels or seminars, for LARP, and for the Charity Raffle, and for "light refreshments".

For Table-top gaming, there will be space (and tables) out on the main walkway (with the other game tables) - if we run ArM games there, it enhances the visibility of ArM and encourages others to ask about the game, or join in.

It looks like Constitution will stick to the tested formula of having three programme slots each day:
Friday evening
Saturday morning, afternoon, evening
Sunday morning, afternoon.
This allows time for meals (which the college offer in their refectory - and were both good and cheap in 2007). (The college (and bar!) stays open late, and it's not unknown for there to be informal midnight games after the evening slot, but that's not programmed!)

Looking at the things which happened at GT 2008, we tentatively suggest:

pre-Con: announce games here, sign-up over the web, on the Ekkaia Wiki

Friday afternoon - arrive and register,
Game sign-up sheets (those that still have free slots) go on main reception area noticeboard.

Friday evening - chin-wag and gaming.

Saturday morning - discussion group (theme? suggestions?) )and gaming.

Saturday afternoon - LARP (Mark Steedman is talking about writing a LARP for GT 2009) + gaming for non-LARPers.

Saturday evening - ? + gaming

Sunday morning - ? + gaming

Sunday afternoon - things tail off as some people have to make long journeys and have work, but there should be enough people to do some gaming.

We hope we can have another Charity Raffle - so look up what you might donate!

We are looking for:

  • ideas for panels or get-together sessions
  • offers to run table-top games (there should be plenty of players, as we can expect to pull in some extras - those not here specifically for Grand Tribunal)
  • offers to run another LARP?
  • Charity raffle items

I believe the Con committee hope to have (on average) 2 programmed items per slot: one "SF" and one "RPG" (not counting LARPs), so (given there will be other RPG-related panels) we don't have to fill the programme!

more news to follow

Grand Tribunal 2009 is part of Constitution, so sign-up by visiting their membership page.

There's aPDF flyer/form to print (read and enjoy) and fill-in. Post that and your details and a cheque, to the Con membership secretary...

Please write on your application that you are there for the Grand Tribunal, so the Constitution committee get the warm happy glow from knowing how important and numerous we are!

Edit the Ekkaia Wiki attendees page and tell us about yourself and your plans for GT 2009, or post here.

We hope to hear soon from the committee that they can accept PayPal as well as cheques, as that would make life easier for non-UK members.

From Ekkaia Wiki News:

8th December 2008

We currently have freeform interactive games offered by Andrew, CJ and Mark. I think we will manage to fit three in, with people from Constitution adding to our own numbers, but anyone else planning to offer this sort of game needs to be aware that there may not be time, space and participants sufficient to run another. I'd hate anyone to put in a lot of effort and be disappointed.

I hope Andrew, CJ and Mark will post up some introduction to their games, so we can see what's coming and get excited about it.

Gang I'd like to offer to run something at GenConOz, so if you develop cool material could I get in the loop on this, please? GenConOz is Septembe,r so you'll be done by the time I really need it, but I need at least titles and numbers to pitch to the organisers long before that.

Timothy - I'm sure we'd love to help!

The main site for the Grand Tribunal is on the Ekkaia Wiki -- posts on the AG Forum and Berklist tend to be duplicates, to drum-up interest... Keep a close eye on the Wiki, and feel free to post, too.
You might also want to look at the Constitution web-site (though there's not much there yet) - expect more closer to the due time.

The same goes for anyone else kibbitzing from afar - keep an eye one us, but do also let us know, as it feels good to know we have friends beyond those who'll actually be able to attend.

The other recommendation has to be "Join the AG SpecialOps" and take advantage of their demo-games - I myself have written and contributed several convention-game adventures, complete in themselves and ready to run. I've been running (them) at GenConUK for some years...

I've put a mention of the freeforms on the GT wiki 'Schedule' page, so it is all ready for Andrew, Mark and CJ to post up some preliminary details.

That's probably a good place to let everyone know of any table top games you plan to offer, too.

When is the next Tribunal expected to happen? (tell me it is not August, please...)


July 31st - August 2nd.

(still waiting to hear about PayPal signups :frowning:)

I direct everyone with the slightest interest in Grand Tribunal UK 2009 to visit the Grand Tribunal web-site where much is already laid out, and more will be added as we learn it.

The short answer is Murray Edwards College, Cambridge (formerly known as New Hall), from July 31st-August 2nd 2009.

Whether that really counts as August or not I don't know...

It might, depending on my couple. Knowing the days of the venue that much in advance certainly will help me here. Thanks :slight_smile:


The PayPal thing really is important for me. No cheque book. Actually no money, but hey...

cj x

I know that folks from the Constitution committee will be at StabCon (first w/e in January) to drum up support, and I'll be there too so I will find out what is happening about the PayPal payment option and make sure they know how much we need it.