UK Grand tribunal 2009 - Update

Grand Tribunal 2009 convention progress:

PR 2 should be out very soon, and I gather the room-bookings go live after that.

Membership cost rises on 17th April, from £20 to £25 (then to £30 on 1st July) - sign-up fast!

Constitution (the host convention) now have a PayPal account - very useful for those abroad with no UK bank account.

The convention wiki pages have details of the convention, links to Constitution, plus notes on attendees and some of the games to be run. There is advance sign-up for the free-form Ars Magica games.

If people do join Constitution to attend the Grand Tribunal, please do either post a message, or e-mail Sheila Thomas or myself, or edit the wiki attendees page.

Grand Tribunal 2009 takes place in Cambridge, UK. Cambridge is internationally well-known as a splendid historical city with loads of attractions to interest and entertain non-gaming family and friends. I am very happy to supply information on visiting the colleges, museums, shops etc.

The fast-approaching Cambridge Tribunal will also boast Ars Magica authors including Sheila Thomas, Phil Masters and Neil Taylor (err "me"!), and hopefully CJ Romer as well;

we too will be running an Ars Magica raffle - including original artwork by Angela Taylor (artist in Broken Covenant of Calebais, Mythic Perspectives, Hermes Portal and Sub Rosa),

and have TWO Freeform games organised.

Cambridge is well connected for travel, by car/coach/train or by plane (particularly to Stansted Airport).

Some may be interested to know that Henry Gee, paleontologist and one of the senior editors of Nature, will be a GoH for the non-Ars magica part of the convention; plus Sean Punch, the GURPS Line Editor (sorry - can't get the Ars Magica Line Editor this year!)...