Ungifted becoming Daimons?

Ascendancy to the Hall of Heroes, from The Mysteries, assumes that the would-be-immortal is a magus. In fact, you need Hermetic Theurgy to even learn the Ascension in the first place, and you must cast the Ascendant Form of the Intendant Hierarch yourself. Could a magus knowledgeable of the ritual devise it at Touch or Voice range to allow an Ungifted character to ascend in his stead? (This could be a subplot in my game, where a magus does not want to ascend without his unGifted True Love).

When it works for your saga, the answer is ALWAYS yes.

I would personally require the invention of another initiation script for this, as well as another - Voice ranged - spell.

IMS, one Mystery Cult actually has these scripts, but ones that can only be applied to a character with Mythic Blood. (Although it isn't likely to come into play.) I suggest you will likewise limit the script to avoid later munchkinish ramifications, e.g. requiring that the loved one will also feel True Love towards the magus who constructs her spell.

Yes,yes, I know that. But the question was just how in line with the rules this would be. There's dramatic tension in denying the possibility to the player, too, and forcing them to find another solution. But thanks for the reply!

Incidentally, note that True Love is always reciprocated. Otherwise it would not be True Love!

I have the impression that the Hall of Heroes is for heroes from the pagan pantheon; back in the day, you would become a daimon if people told stories about you, directed prayers and veneration towards you, or otherwise you were commonly considered extremely noteworthy/heroic. Incidentally, just acting as a hero and gaining the necessary renown could be considered an initiation script :astonished:

Presumably, you were already dead when this happened, and you were a pagan yourself. Since you were a pagan, your soul presumably went to either the Fairy or Magical Realm, and thus could be returned as a daimon.

The Initiation Script in TMR refers to a way to reliably become a daimon, skipping the need for culture-wide veneration (yes, the OoH could be considered a culture, but I doubt that even the whole OoH would be large enough to elevate someone in the old way). It's more reliable, and it gives you a decent amount of power at the start.

So who would be a daimon?

  • Greek Heroes/Heroines (Hercules, Andromeda, Achilles, Hector, etc)
  • Celtic Heroes (Cu Chulain (sp?); sorry, not familiar with Celtic history)
  • anyone viewed as a founder/exemplar of a culture.
    Essentially humans who were deified after death.

Who would NOT be a daimon?

  • Roman Emporers (I believe that although they had cults, the Romans did not really believe that a senate vote could turn you into a true lightning-bolt hurling deity)
  • Saladin (not a pagan)
  • Charlamagne (ditto)

And I would make it hit-or-miss here; I wouldn't let my magi argue that "I read a story about her, so there must be a daimon." That is the value of the script; you know that if you are successful, you become a daimon right then and there.

Sorry if it's rambling, but this is a neat subject. Let the flames begin!


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