Ungifted Initiation into Mechana of Heron

So I have a Failed Apprentice in a game I am playing, who has managed to find a damaged (but still functional) Mechanism of Heron. From Studying the Mechanism is there a way to self-initiate into Mechana of Heron without the ability to study it in the lab?

They have decent MT and Artes Liberales, but obviously cannot develop a Lab total.


The problem of the Supernatural Virtue Mechanism of Heron is that unlike some other AM "magic" clearly say that you need to have the Gift what depend on the reason you failed your apprenticeship could be the KO argument for your character.

Otherwise I would agree that by building up a suitable Org. Lore you might be able to self - initiate to this Virtue.

We have AM p.77 Mechanica of Heron: "Heron’s disciples used this Virtue to create and animate magical-mechanical devices called mechanica. The character with this Virtue must have The Gift and possess a Virtue that allows access to Academic Abilities. He begins with a score of 1 in the Ability Mechanica of Heron."
As by ArM5 p.42 a Failed Apprentice "may not have the Gift", Mechanica of Heron is impossible to learn for him, unless he restores his Gift.

If a player in my saga wanted to do something along this line, I'd let them suggest ways we could possibly do it via House Rules.

I saw a TV show that touched on Heron's inventions a bit not too long ago. Having someone in a Mythic Europe Saga near the canon date capable of doing similar things would be so cool it would be, well, mythic, IMO

What better reason can there be for a Troupe to include something in their Saga than that?

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There's a way to restore the Gift of a Failed Apprentice on AM p.22 - if the SG needs some inspiration. :nerd_face: