UnGifted Learned Magician Character Creation

I have four questions about a UnGifted Learned Magician Companion.

1 - How much Experience Points I have to spend after he start the Training? Companions have 15 XP per year, but the Hedge Magic book suggestion that a Learned Magician, Gifted or UnGifted, receive 30 XP per year of Training. And after the Training?

2 - Have a minimun Training time? Example, Hermetics must spend 15 years.

3 - They receive two Warping Points per year after the training?

4 - UnGifteds receives Warping Effects as Mundanes or Learned Magicians?


After their training is finished, a typical Learned Magician should earn 15 XP per year per default. This can change if they have the Wealthy virtue, or Poor flaw, or for some other reason have more or less than two free seasons per year.

As the rules make clear, there is no standard time for training. Some Learned Magicians only stay a year or so with their master, while others can stay and get training for decades.

An average of two Warping points per year (just as for Hermetic magi) sounds reasonable - just keep in mind that it is not a hard rule of two points per year, but rather an average which can vary significantly.

Learned Magicians (Gifted and unGifted alike) suffer warping effects as Learned Magicians. (An exception could be if they were already part of some other tradition with unique warping effects. Any given character will only ever recieve one type of unique warping effects.)