unpleasent jobs

I put down 2 unplesant jobs a small while ago(pin maker & woad boiler)
any other unplesant jobs that grogs might take or could be down better through magick?

Probably, but grogs and covenfolk are there to do the tedious, unpleasant jobs that magi can't or won't do. Neither are most magi going to bother with spells or items that perform household chores when they could be trying to see beyond the Lunar Sphere or coming up with even more deadly Creo Ignem spells.

Seriossly what did you fine people think of the items I made for the pin maker & the woad boiler?

Craft Magic is an interesting application. Some magi may think it beneeth them, but the fact is that using magic will save time, money, and other valueable resources.

Gongfarmers were suppost to be immune to deasese,probibly a unetended consiquense that turned into a pleasant supprise!