unwelcome guests (gloom)

I am wonderig if anyone can tell me what whiskers the cat is activated by?

Hi there.


"Whiskers is a guest you WANT in your family, but since he doesn’t follow anything, you’ll have to actually do something to get him."

You have to play a "take a Guest"-type card to get him, which are included in the expansion. :slight_smile:

thanks, up til now we had been activating and passing him aroung when ever one of my cats sat next to one of us while we were playing ; ) [/list]

Do we have to flip the guest to its undead side? Because their positive/negative native score desapair when the cards are flipped.

Hmmm ... can't find the post where Keith answered this. The gist of it was that you need to leave the guests face-up when they die. If this is confusing for you, you can use the death side of a character who's not being played that game to cover the guest.