Upcoming publications?

So we have Hedge Magic out in a few weeks and RoP: Faerie, then the Rogues' Gallery of Open Call, then....?

Tribunals? :smiley: Perhaps the Theban Tribunal? (ohYES!) Or a look at Hibernia?

Something on the Mythic Church? (please!)

A revised Ordo Nobilis?

Just curious!


I agree, would be nice to hear what's coming next year. I'm all for a new Ordo Nobilis, with an expanded or reworked combat system, rules for nobility and how to use it in a campaign without trampling too much on the historical politics of the time. :slight_smile:

As for Tribunals, I suggest a new look at the British Isles. Wouldn't it be possible to actually throw these three tribunals into one book with one theme?

But I'm really looking forward to RoP: Faerie, and the Ars Magica take on the Sidhe, for example. :slight_smile:


Hum... Just looking forward for new ArsM books :blush:

The Fixer, Ars Junkie :laughing:

There are two titles that I actually have finished manuscripts from David for, after ROP Faerie:

Tales of Mythic Europe
Magi of Hermes

They've not been formally announced yet, so I can't give any more info, but I thought you might appreciate this little hint, anyway. :slight_smile:

Fantastic, thank you!


Yay! This looks good. :slight_smile:


It's going to be called "ToME"? That's just perfect. 8)