US Ars Magica Convention 2009 SG Call

Calling all storyguides!

Folks, it may seem a bit early but I wanted to get everyone thinking about whether they want to be a contributor to the 2009 convention by running a session or two this year. In particular, the plan is to sign up the SGs over the next couple months and give them some time to write a good session. I've already had two people volunteer but we will need a few more.

Session times: 2 and 4.5 hours.
Minimum size: 4 players plus yourself
Maximum size: None, but please be prepared to accomodate at least 6 in your group in case we have some stragglers. If you say your session will be able to accomodate 12, then please by all means say so.

If you have an idea for a 9 hour "double", please feel free to propose the idea and I'll work with you and the committee to see where it would fit.

I will need two paragraphs written by the story guide: One to give me a general idea of what the session will really be about and will be kept private to me and the folks working on program but please keep plot twists to yourself since WE might want to play. This will be used to make sure we don't have too many of the same type. The second paragraph will be what we tell the rest of the world and put into the program on the webpage and the handouts. The second doesn't have to be done right away, but the sooner it is written the sooner we get folks signed up. We have a couple great writers and editors on the committee so if you are uncomfortable with your prose, we are happy to coach.

For those that want to do something like this, but are at a bit of a loss on what sort of ideas to play through, here are a few fairly simple kernals to play with. Please don't feel limited by them, though! :slight_smile:

-- The discovery of a new source of vis
-- The gauntlet of a particular magus (where everyone is supposed to pick on one player -- heh, heh, heh)
-- Looting (let's call it what it is!) an old magus' lab
-- Join or die! (Intro to Mysteries or hedgies or conspiracies)
-- A particular aspect of the game you may not ever explore in your own saga (univerisity life, village life near a covenant, for example)
-- What the turb REALLY does and why do the old members have red eyes?

All SGs will receive a $10 cash rebate on their convention ticket at the end of the convention. Not much, but we wanted to show some appreciation.

Please e-mail me at with "ArM Con saga idea" in the subject header with your ideas.



Keep them coming!