US convention registration open

Greetings sodales!

Registration has opened for the US Ars Magica convention and our website can be found at

Again, the dates are 31 JUL through 2 AUG. Early registration (before 15 APR) costs $35 and $45 for those signing up later. Rooms at the hotel are $99 for single or double occupancy and include a nice continental breakfast as part of the room fee. As a final note, the hotel is close to San Francisco International Airport and transportation to and from the hotel is free. See the website for more details.

Just as a note: points over to their website, as a courtesy.

As a final note, if anyone is interested in running a session at the tribunal, we still have room for several more. Please contact me by personal message with details.


For those of you who weren't there last year, it was a blast! Hope to see everyone there again this year. :slight_smile:

Still gutted that I won't be able to make it. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Just registered!

Can't wait!

The website looks really cool, and the write ups for the adventures sound fantastic!

Signed up today! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again. The games scheduled so far look AWESOME. Is it August yet? :smiley:

Quick update on rooms.

A couple of you have tried calling and been told that we do not have a special room rate. This is NOT true. There appears to be an internal communication issue at Marriot since the contract I signed does specify a block of rooms at $99 each.

We are looking into this and I expect it to be resolved shortly. I beg your patience and will update you all when this is squared away.

Please send any questions to me at



I am in!
Just made arrangements, and I will be using electronic currency to register over the weekend (well, rather, I am handing cash to a friend who will do it for me).

I still don't know how I will get there or where I will sleep. I was thinking of hitchiking or jumping a train, then camping. That may sound funny to some, but I actually do these sorts of things :laughing:

If you do, you'll certainly be nominated for the Nick Meredith award for camping in the face of extreme adversity while attending a Grand Tribunal event.

It's quite a niche award...

You realize you are merely encouraging my madness :smiling_imp:


The room rate of $99.00 per night applies to both single and double bed rooms.

It is unnecessary for you to have to camp out in the elements, though the willingness to do so is a heroic one.

I am going to suggest one of our esteemed sodales with a Compassionate or Generous flaw (for I am confident such gentlemen still exist) sign up for a double and help a friend out!


That would be awesome :slight_smile:
I can still hop the train though, right?


Just a quick update. The communication problem at the hotel has been resolved and they are accepting reservations at our rate of $99 per night (single or double). We have 15 rooms at this rate so sign up quick.


Just a quick bump: the Registration cost goes up after the 15th, so if you sign up for the con in the next few days, you'll save a few dollars.

Also: if you reserve a room online, you can use "ARSARSA" as your group code to get the special rate. (I hate calling.)


Now I gotta think about this one. I live in Sunnyvale....



I'll go halves on a room if you'd like.

That will be cool :smiley:
Tentatively I am so far planing to split one with Firth, but he may or may not be bringing someone, so I am unsure as of yet.
Will get bback to you :smiley:

Ken, if you haven't registered already, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I was a first timer last year, and it was also my first time at a gaming convention, period.

We had a LOT of fun. Really good games were run, some lively discussion was had, there was a cool verditius-design contest, etc. Most of all, it was just great to meet others in the community, and share.

The convention is REALLY REALLY fun, and i encourage you to attend.


Join us Ken :smiley:
I have known you for over 10-12 years on the Berklist. It is time we met :wink:

Well crap, you're only set up to take payment through snail mail or paypal? I won't be able to get my registration in by the 15th.

Is the site down? I can't seem to get to it.