Useful Integrations for non-Hermetics?

For those of you who have played non-Hermetic characters associated with the Magic Realm who might be able to integrate things (or have any stupendous but untested ideas on the subject) what are some nice things from other traditions for any given tradition to benefit from? Obviously, any tradition without a Theory should get one, but what else? Like, I feel the Augustan Brotherhood might have a lot to gain from Learned Magicians, especially related to their defensive effects and R/D/T options. Err, I'm a bit sketchy on whether the Augustans can even integrate things, but you get the idea. What might the practitioners of a tradition be most interested in nabbing from other traditions, once developing a Theory was out of the way? Both in terms of the tradition's general goals and obvious personal problems as well as from a mechanical standpoint.

Now this is a good topic. I have much to say, but unfortunately very little of it is directly about the Augustian Brotherhood. This is because I have never looked into them in detail. But the other direct question I can answer; all traditions are able to integrate new concepts from other traditions. And they don’t even need magic theory to do it, strictly speaking. It certainly helps a lot, though.
If the hedge researcher in question is short on time or talent I would strongly recommend him to ‘Walk the Path’ with nature lore from Guardians of the Forest. It allows him to expand his magical tradition without 'hedge magic theory'-based insight rolls against ease factor 15.

This is a short list of nuggets from various traditions:

Vitkir shows that minor and major foci can be used with supernatural abilities (rather than arts). This is huge. Sahirs and Muspelli in particular would make good use of it. They also have a virtue that allows fast casting without spell mastery. This would be good at least for learned magicians, sahirs and soqrotians.

Two amazing guidelines available to vitkir are the ‘anti-botch’ and ‘extra xp’ guidelines. Any tradition who has, or is planning to have, long-lasting spells need those guidelines.

Another hidden strength of vitkir is its organisational similarity with sahir. I think that adding around half a dozen vitkir runes to the sahir tradition would be a good fit. (Of course, at that point they wouldn’t be runes anymore as sahir cannot use the rune range and duration, without additional research).
Vitkir runes even have magical defense bonuses of appropriate strength and breadth (though vitkir magical defenses are unusual in that they are classified as spell effects, see the introduction to rune magic for details).

Gruagachan / Trollsynir (trollsynir are easier to work with, and there is probably more of them, so they are a better choice in my opinion) have very good flexible formulaic magic options. I don’t have my books, but I think that with a virtue they can alter the effect by up to 15 levels. Anyone using spells could make good use of that. In particular learned magicians, vitkir and sahirs would find it useful. They also have spell mastery just as good as hermetic magic, something most traditions lack. And needs. Sahirs take note.

Sahir researchers need a tradition with magic theory, as well as an initiated technique and form, to research ‘Independent Magic’. Trollsynir offers sahirs a very convenient way to get their hands on this.

This is a bit obscure, but in a highly optimised game environment most arch-magi might have used mystery initiations and magic realm study to get Greater Immunity to almost everything. This obviously make them very difficult to affect with both magic and weapons. ‘Take Blessing’ offers a very good way to remove these virtues and make them vulnerable to fire / edged weapons / persuasion again. Hermetic magic notably lacks this capability.

Muspelli has much to offer. First it has a magical version of the ‘until’ duration. ‘until’ means that it can’t be dispelled, absolutely incredible. Anyone with long-lasting magic needs it, vitkir and learned magicians in particular perhaps. Then it has ’10 years’ and ‘lifetime’ durations, also very good.

The giant form has a hidden advantage in that it can get 6+ communication. With a really good stamina score, and no botches, the giant form can be sustained all-day, everyday. With a big enough pencil, the giant could write some very good books. For an xp-inefficient tradition this can be a god-send. Vitkir comes to mind.

Then there is of course the Utiseta itself. It requires more than mere research, but if you have friends in high places the basic principles behind utiseta should be applicable to the spells of other traditions.
Exactly how to translate this advantage into rules is a touchy topic, but at least for sahirs I have a suggestion: simply multiply the ceremonial ability-bonus in the casting total by the regular utiseta multiplier. So if the sahir had Philosophy 7, and an utiseta multiplier of 4, he would add 28 rather than 7 to his casting total when using solomonic alchemy ceremonially. (Presumably he had also integrated independent magic).

Defixio is amazing for everybody, but especially so for muspelli. One, they don’t need to integrate it to make it useful, and two, they have the casting totals necessary to make it shine.

Hyperborean magic is also obviously amazing for any tradition, but sahirs in particular badly need to reduce their dependance on vis. Hyperborean magic solves the problem.

Criamon Paths are sometimes not considered a hedge tradition, but there are some interesting virtues here that could be integrated into a less deluded tradition. 'Arcane Connections to all places' and 'immortality' in particular looks promising.

Twilight Mastery from Guardians of the Forest has very good synergy with the sahir warping effect. It can probably only be gained by walking the path, or possibly from integrating the research notes from the Criamon that walked the path originally.

What little I remember form the Augustian brotherhood seems to support what you said. Better ranges, better durations, and more guidelines should do them good. Learned Magicians, Trollsynir and Muspelli seem like good options.