Useful Items

Hiya all,

I'm making a generous Verditius in a new game and I'm wondering what sort of just general useful items she might be able to make. She loves helping people and the covenant and no item is too small.

What sort of small(ish) but useful items can you awesome folks think of for that situation?

There are a lot of items in the Laboratory thread ( but sometimes it's the little things that make a difference.

  • A pot that turns anything made from vegetable matter into pleasing foods (no change in nutritional value but tastes much better).
  • A grind stone that automatically grinds wheat into flour.
  • A bucket that purifies any water inside it.
  • A small device that kills all bugs/insects/vermin in a room.
  • A brazier that keeps a sick room warm.
  • An icicle that keeps a larder cold.
  • A lamp that sheds light without burning.


Virtually anything increasing or preserving food or making food easier to process.

The Whetstone of a Single Stroke - sharpens any blade to perfect but mundane fineness with one stroke.

A Knife Sharper Than Cat's Claws - magical knife as sharp as possible, which never needs grinding.

A heating stone.

A vermin/pest destroyer - The Cat That Is Death To Vermin, or such.

The Hammer of Nine Blows.

The Nailed-Down Chamberpot That Requires No Emptying - the pot breaks down effluvia.

Of course, each profession has its own special tools that would be helpful to enchant.