Useful timelines for the 13th century?

I'm curious if there's a good, fairly detailed timeline of events in Europe in the 13th century, ideally tagged by region. Wikipedia has, which has very broad strokes. I think such a timeline can generally be constructed ad hoc using this timeline and one for your region, bit I'm curious if anyone has one (or some) that they really like.

There are many such timelines.

You might start with those in the Ars Magica tribunal books. Otherwise a lot depends on the languages you can read.
Here are two German ones.

Heinzle - DAS MITTELALTER IN DATEN - Literatur Kunst Geschichte 750 bis 1520 - München, C. H. Beck 1993

is excellent, and focused on the publication of texts: that part of history you need to first put in chronological order. It does not cover Arabic or Byzantine literature, though.

DER GROSSE PLOETZ - Freiburg im Breisgau, Herder Verlag

is an extensive summary on world history, continually updated: over 2000 pages plus a service for later updates.

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I can read English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese in decreasing order of fluency...sadly no Germany. Those resources sound really cool though, nice to know this sort of thing exists!

Here's a link to the wiki about DER GROSSE PLOETZ:ße_Ploetz

I am not aware of a similar work in English.

Awesome. Thanks. Even if I cannot read it, I'm appreciative you brought it here.