Using Black Death in 5th edition


Seems like the next adventure I will be running in our campaign is Black Death. I like the story, and it seems pretty much compatible with the concepts in 5th edition (although I'll have to create the NPCs using the new rules). The story is set in Montrouge, in France. It says it's a barony in the Ardennes, but I'm curious if this is a historic place or not, and what side of the tribunal border between Rhine and Normandy it's on. In short, can it be placed on one of the maps in either Lion and the Lily or Guardians of the Forest? :slight_smile:

Any help would be great :slight_smile:



Place the locale wherever you like. I don't think it matters to the story itself. The area just needs to be a little rocky so that the spire / covenant would be logical.

Once you update those NPCs, please post them! I've been meaning to run this adventure for a year now, and your help would be greatly appreciated!