Various Minor Rules Questions

  1. Incompatible Arts for some reason bans any technique from being incompatible with Corpus or with Vim. Why? Would it somehow break the game to allow someone to have, say, incompatible Muto Corpus or something?

  2. The use of the word 'self' in shape and material bonuses is questionable to me. At first glance, I took it to mean the item itself. But is that it, really? So the magical strength of hats is to look like different things sitting on top of your head instead? It's especially the jewelry/clothing part I'm curious about, since I can see thematic reasons both for clothes that transform, and clothes that transform the wearer, but the 'transform self' thing looks like it probably means one or to the other. So... yeah. By 'transform self', does it mean the clothes can transform themselves more easily, or the wearer can use the clothes to transform himself?

  3. Further, on shape and material bonuses... is limiting a spell, so that it can use a bonus, possible? Say you make a magic wand that slays wolves, and you use the +10 bonus to harm lycanthropes provided by silver. I can see a few possibilities, mainly these:

3a) This isn't possible without an intellego requisite to make sure the wand can only target lycanthropes.

3b) The bonus is added, as a bonus to penetration or something, only when targetting lycanthropes.

3c) The wand only affects lycanthropes, so you can check if a wolf is really a werewolf by trying to use the wand on it, without needing an intellego requisite.

  1. How far is a pace? I may have simply missed the part of the book that explains this.

Probably because all miagi are human and are magical. By their very nature they are corpus and vim - therefore they can use it.

I'd say both - depends on your spell. Your effect would be range "Personal" whatever it is.

Not sure about this one - probably only for spells specifically against Lycanthropes.

A quote is 3 feet - it is mentioned in the aquam guidelines that 5 paces is 15 feet. This tripped me up a while ago.

Nope Brutus.. unless it's a talisman, you can't use personal range spells on the wearer of the item, personal only affects the item itself, you need touch.

But yes, I'd let it apply to both of them Ejidoth

For 3, I'd go with 3C.. it wouldn't actually be a spell to hurt wolves if you're using that bonus, it's actually a spell to hurt werewolves (and only them). Otherwise, you can't get the S&M bonus.

and yes, we use a pace as 3 feet, as the aquam bit seems to go by it (though it's best to just clarify it as a houserule at the start of a saga, as the amount of a pace is widely varied by any sources you might find on google or such)

I agree with Previous posters.

I also assume that by spell in this situation you're referring to an enchanted power, not an actual spell. [/i]

I can't remember where I saw it now but I think there's a reference to a pace being five feet...

I would normally think of a pace being about a yard, which is three feet. But so long as you're consistent with your measurements the actual distance shouldn't be a problem.

I've always had pace as 2.5 feet. Again, largely similar to the other posters. 3 feet works better as its easier on the maths.

If we want to use the standardised Roman unit (which the Roman traditions of the order might do) then its 1.48 metres or 58 inches.

The Byzantine pace is 2.5 feet which is probably where i got my number from.

More info here

Sorry I was unclear.

For Personal range effects, i meant :
Personal in a talisman (both item and magus)
Potent Magic Personal Range Spells
and Personal range effects which only effect the item.

As the description is "Self", not "wearer".

I use the (incorrect) 1 pace = 1 metre. Works well for us, metric system guys.

Distances tend to be larger under this assumption (a pace was so0mething like 80 cm IIRC) but hey, no biggie most of the time. It affects everybody and everything , so it is not a big thing.



Errr.. but Brutus.. you said you agreed that the bonus -should- affect both wearer and/or the item.. so.. whaaa? ^^ You agree but only if it's a talisman?

Yes, it will only effect the item unless it is a talisman or potent spell.

Maybe they thought it is a bigger flaw you will not realize at the beginning.

I think the same it helps effects on itself. There are some things which affect particularly the wearer.
Except talismans in which case self can be the magus as mentioned above.
You can houserule it if needed.

3: I would think on 'c' but 'b' is cool.

I would make a hat affect the wearer as well without problems. It seems perfectly plausible, after all, and rules are there to help you have a cool and satifying story, not to limit your imagination with small syntaxis issues.

However I think we are speaking here about the "official" version which can be interesting, too.

The word "mile" comes from the Latin Mille Passus which means a thousand paces.

That mile, though, was a thousand Roman paces of 5 feet each, and those feet were Roman feet of about 11.8 inches, making . A "pace" to the Romans was what we'd call two paces today -- two steps, one with the left foot and one with the right.

I don't know whether ArM deals in Roman 'double' paces or modern-day single ones ... :confused:

Pace was defined as a yard (more or less) in 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd edditions.