Venus and the Gift

I have been curious as I create a odd magus in the interactions of the minor Virtue Venus' Blessing with the Gift, and then as a secondary idea the Major Flaw Curse of Venus and the Gift.

Gentle Gift would not be worth the talk.

But the reg. Gift. With the Virtue it would offset the -3 on social rolls, but certainly the mixing of the two would go far beyond that. The effects of the Gift is not offset by the Virtue, merely the social rolls. So the mundane would be highly mistrustful of you but still have a desire to be around you? (I used to know that... ahem nevermind)

With the Blatant Gift, the Virtue will make, say a man lustful towards the sorceress but he will still consider her a person who is scandalously fickle and untrustworthy... could this turn into a dark comedy?

I can understand with the Flaw that the Gift would certainly exacerbate the Major Flaw aspect, and what ST would not enjoy a person taking Blatant Gift and Curse of Venus, were it to happen.

Lost my train of thought there. I guess I wonder how would you play this if you came across the combination?

The people the mage attracts would be very, very sick puppies. 8)

Nothing should offset the effects of the Gift! Except Gentle Gift or Inoffensive to....

A Maga with normal Gift and Venus' Blessing will be alluring to men, but still seem untrustworthy. In game-mechanical terms the -3 to her Charm rolls for seducing a mundane would be offset by the +3 for the virtue. The men want to jump her bones but she is still wierd and most likely evil as well. So it's not a good way to win friends.

With the Gift and Curse of Venus it would be more or less the same, except you draw the wrong sort of people to. And they will still betray you if they get the chance - after all the maga is wierd and untrustworthy and most likely trying to betray you!