Verditius Elder Runes, The Missing 3

Greetings Sodales.

I am curious as to what ideas my fellows in the research side of the house have come up with as possibilities for the three missing Elder Runes, covering Terram, Muto and Imaginem

I am personally favouring ᛟ, better known as the rune Odal, meaning 'Estate', for Terram. After all, an estate is a patch of land owned by a Lord. Due to this association, I would favor Hornbeam wood for this rune.
I would also favor ᚨ, the rune Ansuz, which is somehow connected to the pagan gods whom we all suspect are probably fae, as the rune for Imaginem. After all, the fae are the best illusionists we know of. I would associate this with Cinnamomum wood. I am aware this wood is rare due to the fact that unless your covenant uses magic to grow it natively, it is only found out beyond the Levant, but it fits the shape and material bonus best. Alternately, Hickory wood would be acceptable, due to it's associations with Majesty.
For Muto, ᛞ, or Dagaz, which means "Day", would be my choice for Muto. I would associate this mostly because Muto is an unnatural change, while a day is Time, one of the few things Hermetic Magic cannot yet affect, and I would like to recognise this fact. I would see this being associated with the wood of the Elm tree. Alternately, Blackthorn. Mostly because I like those two types of wood, honestly. And the fact I have a supply of each on hand.

So in short, the Odal rune, meaning "Estate", with Hornbeam wood, for Terram
The Ansuz rune, meaning something about the pagan (Faerie) gods, with either Cinnamomum or Hickory wood, for Imaginem
And the Dagaz rune, which means "Day", with either Elm or Blackthorn wood, for Muto.

Does anyone have alternatives they'd like to share for these, perhaps better options than I have?

Edit: Another good reason for Hornbeam wood for Terram. Frankly, it's also known as Ironwood.

My bad, I inserted this into the wrong post.

But that problem would be even greater with Hickory, surely?