Verditius Magic

Am i being a bit dense or do Verditius runes (the ones that allow you to add your Philosophiae to the lab total) only work for items that are being opened for enchantment?

i.e. you get no bonus when enchanting charged devices or lesser magical devices.

It was my understanding that it would apply to lesser enchanted devices as well. Charged devices is not because you can place the end charges into anything to hand. The container for the magic has no relation to the magic it holds.

Lesser enchanted devices are magical - the magic is part of them, thus they are part of it.

That's how I see it.

According to page 127 of HoH:MC, "only Greater Enchanted Items, Attuned Items and Talismans can be inscribed with Elder Runes".

That's the RAW. YMMV

Nothing quite like citing the rules to clear up a question. :wink:

Good work, B.

Does that apply though?

Greater runes, yes but...

@WorstLuditte: They apply only to the 3 item types listed by BoXer. Minor or charged items are not part of the list, so the runes cannot apply to them.


I think something got mixed up:
gribble_the_munchkin asked for Verditus runes of the outer mystery NOT Elder runes, which are an inner mystery.
IIRC (serf's parma), even charged items and lesser enchanted items benefit from shape and material bonuses. If this is the case, Verditus runes should be applied to charged items allowing you to use you philosophy score just as a shape and material bonus. However, the Vis saving effect of the runes does only apply to those items that need a season of opening, reducing the amount of them by your score in philosophy

Ah sorry WorstLuddite, yes I see what you are driving at. If as I seemed to have misunderstood, gribble is speaking merely of the standard "Verditius Runes" which are incorporated into the Free House Virtue: Verditius Magic, then yes the addition of the philosophiae score applies to all items created by a Verditius, charged, Lesser, Greater, Attuned and Talismans.

That is found on page 93 of ARM5:CR last column second paragraph.

Probably would have helped if I had said "Elder", not "Greater" (whatever they are :wink: ), but yes, that was what I was driving at.

Thanks for the replies folks.

I did indeed only mean to refer to the vanilla Verditius runes, not the Elder version (which my Magus cannot use yet).

In this case its for the archer magus that i've posted about here. My idea was for him to have a quiver full of multi-purpose arrows (ala Green Arrow). Each would be a charged item, strictly one shot (as seems appropriate for arrows) but i wasn't sure that his verditius magic would apply to charged items. Glad to find out it does.

Think i'll hold off on elder runes for a while, need to get the items of quality initiation first. Looking forward to a suit of chainmail with an additional +7 soak. Oh yes.