Versions of Twilight

I'm a little stuck on precedence. I know Faerie Calling is below the rest; that is clearly stated on RoP:F p.120. Similarly, Twilight vs. Divine Ascent is clearly stated on RoP:TD p.63 as a negotiation about which is most appropriate. The Faerie Calling note suggested to me an ordering of realms, but that conclusion doesn't make sense given the RoP:TD note; that conclusion also wouldn't help when comparing multiple versions from the Magic Realm (Twilight, Elemental Warping, Witch Moon, etc.). So I now think the RoP:TD suggestion about using the most appropriate type of warping experience is the best, noting that Faerie Calling is always the least appropriate according to RoP:F. What does everyone else think about this? I'd love to hear other thoughts.