Vibria of Flambeau (development)

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Okay, so, to be sure I'm understanding correctly. Her New and Improved Power, she can do one of two things, both using whatever her CrIg score is (currently 27, as of Spring of 1242).

Mild is Damage +10, Hot is Damage +20. Penetration is CrIg – Damage, and Range is Damage paces (before or after the roll?).

And she can add more settings with Mastery.

I originally imagined the PoF from ArM4. Damage equals (X plus a roll), minus the number pf paces between you and the target.
To keep it simple and wary of exploders,
Range is Damage paces before the roll.
If the target is more than half that distance away, halve the applied damage.

First draft of Felix the Dragon-Cat. I made him as a Summer Companion in a High Level saga. Thus, base 15 Magic Might and 360 experience points. Not quite complete, as I'm stumped for the final 3 points in Magic Qualities. I based him mostly on the White Cat lineage from Realms of Power: Magic (p. 70), with some Maurice thrown in.

In his "normal" form, Felix is a short-haired cat whose fur is very red. He has leathery crimson wings; his nose leather and the pads of his paws are the same colour as his wings, and his eyes are salmon-coloured.

Size: -2
Confidence: 1(3)
Personality Traits: Avaricious +3, Cat +3, Curious +4, Timid +2
Intelligence: +1
Perception: +2
Strength: +2 (including his Chimera bonus)
Stamina: +1
Presence: 0
Communication: 0
Dexterity: +3
Quickness: +1

Ferocity (when defending Vibria)
Greater Immunity: Heat and Flame (Greater Magical Quality)
Improved Characteristics x3
Lightning Reflexes
Magic Animal
Perfect Balance
Puissant Awareness
Shapeshifter (Greater Magical Quality)
Sharp Ears
Unaffected by the Gift

Close Family Ties
Magical Friend
Minor Essential Flaw: Avaricious

[u]Animal Qualities[/u]
Accomplished Flyer
Ambush Predator
Fast Flyer
Good Jumper
Skilled Climber
Thick Fur

[u]Animal Inferiorities[/u]

[u]Magical Qualities[/u]
Gift of Speech
Greater Immunity: Heat and Flame
Greater Power x1
Lesser Power x1
Major Virtue: Greater Immunity
Major Virtue: Shapeshifter
Personal Power x5

[u]Magical Inferiorities[/u]
Susceptible to Deprivation
Monstrous Appearance

Cat Like a Shadow i[/i]
[tab][/tab]Points: 2; Init: 0; Form: Im; RoP: M, p. 73.
Fur of Flame i[/i]
[tab][/tab]Points: 0; Init: 0; Form: Ig; as Coat of Flame, p. 140.
Flight of the Hummingbird i[/i]
[tab][/tab]Points: 0; Init: 0; Form: An; RoP: M, p. 38.
Fiery Breath i[/i]
[tab][/tab]Points: 0; Init: -5; Form: Ig.
[tab][/tab]Creo Ignem CrIg 15. Base 5 (create a fire doing +10 damage), R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Individual. Might Cost 0 (2 mastery points), Init: -5 (2 mastery pts), Penetration 2 (3 mastery pts).
Humans Are Easily Replaced (Lesser
[tab][/tab]Points: 3; Init: -7; Form: Co; RoP: M, p. 71.
Puffed Up and Hissing (Personal
[tab][/tab]Points: 1; Init: 0; Form: An; RoP: M p. 73.
Sight Beyond Sight i[/i]
[tab][/tab]Points: 0; Init: -1; Form: Im; []RoP: M[/i], p. 39

Area Lore: Andorra 2
Athletics i[/i] 5
Awareness 5+2
Brawl i[/i] 5
Climb 3
Finesse (Fiery Breath) 4
Hunt i[/i] 4
Occitan i[/i] 5
Penetration (Fiery Breath)3
Shapeshifter i[/i] 2 (Human, Dragon, Blackbird)
Stealth (stalking prey) 4

How about Second Sight? Felecia has that and the ability to grant it to others. Maybe Felis has Second Sight without the grant ability.

I like it.

So, I've added the Magical Qualities Minor Virtue (Second Sight) and Improved Abilities (to give him the experience points to actually have a better-than-one score in Second Sight); that gives me his max 15 points in Qualities and Inferiorities. I've also rejiggered his Abilities, below.

Area Lore: Andorra 3
Area Lore: Sa Dragonera 2
Athletics i[/i] 5
Awareness 4+2
Brawl i[/i] 5
Charm 2
Climb 3
Concentration i[/i] 2
Finesse (Fiery Breath) 4
Hunt i[/i] 4
Magic Lore i[/i] 1
Occitan i[/i] 5
Penetration (Fiery Breath)3
Second Sight 3
Shapeshifter i[/i] 2 (dragon, human)
Stealth (stalking prey) 4

In his human form, Felix is a tall, muscular man with short, vividly red hair and a neatly trimmed beard who appears to be around 40 years old.

Fine kitty, I like it :smiley:

Yes, this would be, IMO, a way better choice for a dragoncat than Sight Beyond Sight.

Maybe also a power to sniff out gold? Like...
Sniff out the hidden treasures
InTe base 2, + 2 smell, + 1 conc = lvl 05

IIRC, you have one shape for every point in the ability. Having a specialty in one of your shapes doesn't increase your actual score. So that would make 2 shapes.

Finally got around to putting the (hopefully) finishing touches on Felix Draco and posting him on the wiki.

I've got Vibria's Dragon Form on the wiki. I think. I hope.

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So, I'm working on Vibria's advancement from Summer 1243 to Fall 1244 (because I forgot until just a little bit ago that I was going to do that this weekend), and I realized that I don't have the numbers for her and Jaksic's Longevity Rituals. I know that she was helping Fleur with them, and by my reckoning the Lab Total for both of them is 45. Is that right? (Which would be a -9 to their Aging rolls.)

Apparently, on my planner, I had All Roads Lead to Africa as being in the Summer of 1244 and not Autumn. Which leaves Vibria's summer free. Luckily I had a "To Do list" on my own planner document, so I would like to have Vibria use the summer to improve her Lab, from Refinement Score of 0 to +1; I'll look over the lab improvement rules later this week to see just what that entails and make whatever rolls need to be made. (As an aside, our poltergeist owes me fifteen bucks.)

For Winter of 1245, I'm thinking of having her train with the Andorran Guard again, out in the field doing scouting. Yes, it will be cold and miserable and rainy and snowy and why am I doing this again? Oh, yeah, I'm Flambeau and need to toughen up some more. Again. Basically, 10 xp in either Survival or Area Lore: Andorra (I'm thinking the latter, since she doesn't have it.)

I was derping around Facebook this afternoon, and found this little gem on my timeline. I immediately thought of Vibria, and how much she would want this. After all, the armour Vulcanus made for her, more than 15 years old at this point (Winter 1245).

So, yeah, Vibria might see if anyone wants to take a commission.

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I realized last night that Winter of 1244 comes after Autumn of 1243 and not Autumn of 1244. I'm still going to have Guiverna go on the Ancient Discovery thread, but it does open up a season for Vibria that I wasn't expecting.

I have a couple of ideas, the first one being to start working on her Talisman. Being Flambeau, I'm thinking a sword. And in looking at her character sheet, I see that has something called the "DragonSword." I cannot for the life of me remember when and where she got it. It's got a "Wondrous Effect" that turns everything metal it strikes to sand, which will fade when she dies, and it's already a permanent Arcane Connection to Vibria. I don't think it's been enchanted, per se, but would this be an acceptable talisman?

Other ideas I have would include training in Bows or Great Weapons, since she has neither, or start working on getting her feebler Arts apprentice-takeable level.

I do not remember this weapon. I presume it is somehow enchanted already. Or a wonder crafted by another wonder worker. A Talisman needs to be more personal. As for making a weapon your Talisman, that depends a lot on your school and style. What do you want your Talisman to do? Have you considered Penetration? If memory serves, I think Vibria is notoriously deficient in Finesse & Penetration. Wouldn't an open season be best served by study of one of these?

Being a dragon, maybe a coin would be a cool talisman?

Only think I can think of (and this just occurred to me) is that Vulcanus made it for her. Looking through the character sheet archives on the wiki, it appeared sometime between Spring 1242 and Summer 1243 which was (I think) after Vulcanus left. So, since neither one of us remembers it, I'll delete it.

Good point. I think I'll be using her season for Finesse. Thank you.

Point. I'll think about it.

Vibria spent the Summer of 1244 improving her lab, giving it a Refinement of +1.

Based on the rules in Covenants (p. 110), she needs to make an Intelligence + Magic Theory roll vs. an Ease Factor of 12 to gain the Highly Organized Virtue. Int 1 + MT 4 + die roll of 4 = 9. So, no luck there.

If I'm reading it right, she doesn't get to install a new Virtue this season, but she does have a slot available; she would have to take another season if she wanted to do so.

Vulcanus left in 1234 I think, or even earlier. Vibria was in the Dragon Wars of '36, and he was gone before that.
Speaking of Dragon Wars, this is not the sort of thing that gets covered up. It is a part of Mythic History now. There are social repercussions yet unexplored, both there and throughout Mythic Europe!
Maybe that is where you got it? Now that I think of it, it sounds like a Tremere style weapon. Call it a war trophy.

For the sword, besides pure good craftsmanship maybe it can have a PeVi or PeIg effect to counter dragon's breath on the bearer ?

Okay, I've added it back to her character sheet, and will add it back to my MetaCreator file shortly.

And I may take another look to see if it's enchantable further.