Vibria of Flambeau (development)

I will allow Dragon Breath to emulate any appropriate CrIg effevt you could spont without fatigue (I think lighting candles qualifies).

I am starting to think a simple Create Fire focus would fit Vibria better. All of her indicated focus spells fall into that category I think.

And you have a story opening waiting for you :smiley:
"Sunrise over Valencia (Autumn 1229)"
i set it up, but i don't wanna proceed without your reaction.

Would that count as a "Minor Magical Focus"?

(and I saw, I just haven't taken time to sit down and come up with a reply yet.)

Yes, Create Fire is THE standard flambeau mMF.
It is CrIg, but limited to fire.

It is a very powerful one too. Not only does it boost your lab and casting totals, this also provides a big boost to Penetration for the class of spells that will likely require it the most (attack spells). It can also be used indirectly to crate light and heat (lighting a torch, creating a bonfire, etc).
And in reference to my own personal favorite player character (Roberto from Mons Electi, formerlly from Novus Mane), this is the one thing Virtue I would add or swap to take hip up over the edge (but that guy is so finely calibrated, the only thing I'd be willing to swap is the house virtue of Puissant Ignem).
And it is actually more versitle. Rather than limited to flames you create & control, it affects all flames you create no matter what you do with them. I do believe it would cover most all of your fire spells to begin with and then some.
One minor question I would need someone else to answer for me. Does it count for flames being created by another? Can she amplify or inhibit another's attempt to create fire?

No. These would be muto Ignem (amplify) or Perdo Ignem (destroy a fire).
Note that there's no way to prevent someone from creating fire. The closest you can do is PeVi, and it inhibits all magic.
BUT I'd say that this might make a good original research project for a fire magus :smiley:*

  • I tend to be very much against the creation of new guidelines, in part because it's lazy, in part because I think hermetic magic being incomplete is great. This leaves room for the players or gm to introduce breakthroughs to the game. I once suggested on the boards that the core book could be used to represent hermetic magic in 1220, with the new guidelines released since then being, at least in part (some may have been secret or little known) the result of published original research. Makes for a much more living and dynamic order

Added Christmas stuff: 1 Confidence point, 1 pawn Ignem vis. Too young for Aging rolls.

So, I underestimated the dragon side of Vibria. I had no idea how...obsessed with stuff she would be. The more we talk, the more obvious the sheer, unadulterated lust for gold, wealth, and material objects is. I know that you get a Personality Trait at +2 with Mythic Blood, but I think her Avaricious should be at least a +3.

Not yet. Wait until she starts collecting treasures. Every time she gains major material wealth, she maybe gains points towards increasing the trait :smiling_imp:
And of course you have to learn how to hide and safeguard treasure. Spend only a little somethimes, conspicious displays of how powerful your wealth makes you. But make sure that this display somehow results in more wealth For example: Sigmundo is showing off his wealth by offering the covenant help restoring the library and for you to each speand a season in his, but he requires access to your library to do so and is gonna get a copy of everything whether it is of any use to him or not. This will be the third time he has done this in the past few hundred years :smiley:.

Vibria only has a 6 + Scribe of 7, so she will probably have to do some Copying Quickly, which gives her 21 levels but at a -1 to Quality. Ideally, she would like to copy summae on (in order of preference) Ignem, Magic Theory, and Rego for her season.

She would also like to take her season as soon as possible, and pester Sigmundo (or whoever's there) for information about the dragon side of her family and/or Magic Lore: Dragons in general.

Also, should I wait to do my five-year planner for Vibria until we do the copying (since that could well influence what she does), or go ahead and post it on the planner and make changes later?

(As an aside, I just stumbled across the Andorran Guard page a little while ago...that will also influence Vibria's plans, if it's still there.)

Most of the Andorran Guard was wiped out in the attack. However, those that were named and statted still survive. These few hold the rank of Custos and serve as officers.

As for the copy season, I sorta wanna say plan that out now, but I also don't really lay out a reward until that story is finally closed and done.
For now, simply plot when you plan to take your turn. Carmen shall pick Fall 1223 for example.

I've penciled in Spring of 1230 for Vibria's season of copying at Chez Sigmundo.

Also, I'm (finally) working on Vibria's lab, and I have a quick question. How reasonable would it be for it to have a free Supernatural flaw? (I'm specifically looking at "Afire"). I'm not married to it, but I think it would be cool. So to speak.

So, here's what I have currently for Vibria's laboratory, after taking the initial season to tinker with it.

Size: +0 (0) [500 sq. ft.]
Refinement: +0
General Quality: +0
Upkeep: +0
Safety: +0
Warping: +0
Health: +0
Aesthetics: +5

Virtues & Flaws
Dedicated Building (Free Structure Virtue)
[tab][/tab]Upkeep: +1
[tab][/tab]Aesthetics: +1
[tab][/tab]Rego: +1
Defenses (Free Structure Virtue)
[tab][/tab]Aesthetics: +1
Studio (Free Structure Virtue)
[tab][/tab]Aesthetics: +1
Superior Construction (Free Structure Virtue)
[tab][/tab]Safety: +1
[tab][/tab]Aesthetics: +1
Excessive Heating (Free Outfittings Virtue)
[tab][/tab]Upkeep: +0
[tab][/tab]Safety: -1
[tab][/tab]Ignem: +2
Superior Lighting (Free Outfittings Virtue)
[tab][/tab]Upkeep: -1
[tab][/tab]Aesthetics: +1
[tab][/tab]Imaginem: +1
[tab][/tab]Texts: +1

+2 Ignem
+1 Imaginem
+1 Rego
+1 Texts

Working on my seasonal planner for Vibria. I'm probably going to go for the cycle, just because, even though I know it's gonna get massively revamped before '37 rolls around.

Anyhoo, I just want to be sure I didn't miss something, but there's nothing in the charter mandating covenant service for Masters, right?

I think she would like to do something, I'm leaning toward a vis hunt, but what does anyone have any suggestions?

What I usually do is plan out development, but I do not apply the numbers to the forum/wiki until certain time hurdles have been cleared. Things do get revised a bit along the way, depending on the events that actually transpire. For example, with Carmen, no development will be applied until she has cleared "Mission: Improbable". After that, she is free & clear untill Fall 1233 (the season she spends in Sigmundo's Library). There may be sidereal events or interactions aside in someone else's story where exact stats may be called into play. In said case, I have a record of what her score would have been exactly at that time.

And you are correct. There is nothing that mandates you provide service to the covenant. You are supposed to sorta want to though :slight_smile: . And there is incentive. You recieve a base annual salary of 3 pawns of vis and 6£ silver. You recieve this again as a Stipend for serving as an Officer, and likewise you can earn this as a Wage for providing Service to the covenant. Your time as an Officer or the manner in which you supply Service is up to you. It may or may not take up a season, or it may take more. The point is doing the duty of your office and/or providing service that is of value to the covenant.
For example, Carmen recieves annual Benefits fro being a Pontifex. She also feels obligated to fufill the duties of any office not taken up by anyone, and by default she will serve as the Tresurer (because this is a GM book-keeping chore). But this will not take up a significant portion of her time. And in each yer, she made sure to dedicate at least one season in service: 1230 Drake Hunt & Mission Improbable, 1231 help Arachne, 1232 help Arachne again, 1233 spend two seasons inventing & creating the "Rods of Lightning" (high penetration charged items for a trustworthy veteran custodes to use in combat). Then in 1234, at the Dragon's Library, she will spend the season Copying something for the covenant to use (which she of course will also use, but everyone else gets to use it too).

Vibria didn't use a whole lot of her skills (and none of her magic) in Mission Improbable.

So, I'm leaning toward 1 xp Folk Ken (only to avoid the three botch dice, although I do find the "I like're relatively fireproof" thing appealing). And 5 xp in Bargain (which, as near as I can tell, is the most appropriate Ability for figuring out how much something might be worth) and 4 xp in Awareness.

But I'm open for suggestions through the weekend.

I suggest Chirurgy, so you don't loose another finger :wink:

When we get around to Vibria getting a familiar, this is what I want.

Yeah, well, I want Kitty Pryde for my familiar.

Dude, you're already getting Christina Hendricks and Karen Gillan...leave someone for the rest of us poor, unfortunate souls!