Vibria of Flambeau (development)

Not really, no. She knows she's beautiful, probably wouldn't be above using her beauty to get what she wants, but her main motivation is getting stuff. Gold, silver, items, vis, money. She's a very material girl.

Madonna, get out of this thread!!!

What about Aphrodite, then? Or, better, Helene of Troy? (Could she be a blood descendant/relative of helène?)

To go on with greece, and given her name, Arachné could have the actual Arachne as a patron, or, better, Athena herself (Yeah, I know the legend has it as a punition from Athena, but then, it means Athena gave spiders to the world)


Yup. Perfect.

Descended from Smaug on her daddy's side and Helen of Troy on her mama's. :smiley: I kinda like it. Or, at least, use Helen as a building block.

Greeks are awesome, can't deny that 8)

There are also local legends you might consider. Herakles walked these lands extensively, and legends is that he created the Pyrenees mountains as a burial mound to Pyrene, whom he loved (and was horribly cruel too). Then there is Mari, goddess of the Pagan Basques of old. Her lover is SuGar the Great Dragon of the Pyrenees.
And El Cid has nothing to do with you or any myths, but he was indeed a hero (and legend has it that his decendants are intermarried with every modern royal family in Europe today). You guys talk about Aurthur, the Cid was real history. Roland was cool, but the Cid is more contemporary and his deeds (of real history) far exceed Roland. Durandal is cool, but the Cid's sword is real (it is located in a museum in Spain, and metalurgy tests in the lab prove that it was authentic Toledo steel and that this was a superior material than known in the rest of Europe).

But Greeks are pretty cool 8)

Wait, what are you implying about Smaug? And Helen? Ew... :wink:

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I think the idea is that Smaug was gorgeous and Helen could breathe fire...

You mentioned wanting to know more about the Drake Hunt of 1222 and have Vibria present.
Groovy :slight_smile:
I imagine a Mythic Pyrenees rife with griffons, ogres, and dragon-kind. Griffons are not a hassle, they dwell up high in the peaks and do not often approach or attack human settlements. Ogres and Giants (and hags) arew (were) considered a menace, and are dealt with accordingly.
We have a treaty concerning local drakes. Those that keep back in the mountains are under the dragon's protection. Those that descend down into the hills are fair game. We get to protect the people and get some exercise. The dragon gets to weed out the weak and stupid (and recieves gifts and trinkets and shinythings from the magi).
What do I remember about 1222?
There were tensions at the covenant. Octavian didn't like Ludo and Carmen got into a catfight with a visiting maga named Kalista.
Perhaps your parens was there visiting at the time. I think you were still an apprentice. We had visitors and transients all the time.
Anyway, to defuse the tension and instil a little discipline, Antonio called a for a Drake Hunt. The hunting party includes several magi and many soldiers. Antinio conjures a temporary pallisade and we make camp.
Callen was there. He played Valentino and beat Carmen in a race.
The magi split into hunting groups to compete. Carmen, Dimir Taar (Fixer) and Inigo subdured Diablo Rojo. Valentino and others encountered ogres and their mother hag and made (wary) allies of a trio of firedrakes. Other miscellaneous magi bag various prizes, then we go home.
Your experience in all of that is up to you to decide. You made friends with Carmen then (or earlier). And when you passed your Gauntlet, she invited you to join Andorra before she even learned of the disaster.
So, what was your experience? Run with it :smiley:

Don't you try telling me Santa Claus ain't real!

Santa Clause is a Merinita magus :slight_smile:

Okay, I'll buy into firecasting on one condition....
Make a habbit of incorporating Rego as a req in your Creo Ignem spells. Not all of them. Just a few signature moves.
Firebreathing, for you, is a Cr(Re)Ig effect with a range of Personal. The fire is created in your lungs, and projected outward by the Rego requisite. Projected range is paces equal to base damage, and applied damage equals base minus paces distant. Other magi can do this with Range: Touch.
As a cosmetic effect, we can say your CrIg spells are a product of your breath, and as a cosmetic explaination we can say your foucs controls your breath. No mechanics, just fluff.

So, for the spells currently in her grimoire, she could apply Firecasting as follows?

  • Aura of Fire: She casts the spell and is wreathed in flames, kind of like a Human Torch[sup]tm[/sup] effect? It may well destroy her clothes, and if she recasts it a few times, could make her armor red-hot, if not actually melt it.
  • Palm of Flame: Rego would allow her to modify the size and shape (but not the brightness of the flame). For example, she could make it high and skinny so that it illuminates the top shelves in the storeroom?
  • Pilum of Fire: seems like it should be a signature move, but off the top of my head, I'm having a hard time seeing what a Rego requisite would do, since it's already an auto-hit. Maybe so it would do fancy barrel-rolls and loop-the-loops on its way to burning off your face? shrug

Definitely something to keep in mind for future spells...probably have to get creative and invent spells not in the books.

And I just realized that I forgot to put her Magic Feat on her sheet, which is her actual dragon's breath. If it's R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: I had it on my MetaCreator as Level 20, 10 Penetration. With no added Magnitudes for R/D/T, that's a base 20, which is "Create fire doing +20 damage in an unnatural shape" (which this definitely is). So, range of 20 paces. If you're in her face, that's a full +20 fire damage right up the nostrils. If you're 19 paces away, that's +1 fire damage, 20 paces is +0 fire damage, and her breath doesn't reach beyond that?

Are you still going to want Pillum of Fire with that Breath Attack?

If you're talking about a Rego requisite that doesn't increase the magnitude, then how about if your Pillum blasts out of your hand, taking the shape of a dragon, before it hits the target?

Rego adds a magnitude, but the shape is indeed natural. Jets of flame are found in all sorts of volcanic regions with natural gas deposits.

Good point. If my understanding of the Dragon's Breath Attack (which sounds so anime) is correct, then Pilum of Fire is basically useless. I'll see if I can find another spell to take its place.

PoF has a longer range and is an automatic hit. In previos editions it was R: Touch and projected (sans Rego req) and Aimed (+1). I suppose the breath power would also be aimed (+3 maybe?). Hard to miss unless you are spitting into the wind.

Yeah, but my inner geek wants knights to be able to dodge out of dragon's breath attacks. A sorcerous assault is an entirely different beast.

You could always add a Rego component to any CrIg spell to keep it from burning [strike]you or[/strike] (forgot you had Immunity) your possessions. Burning your clothes off would be embarrassing. :wink:

Actually, unless Vibria's shouting, it looks like her Dragon's Breath has a (slightly) longer range...but Pilum is auto-hit. (Definition of Voice Range on p. 112 says that firm words carry about 15 paces, while a shout carries about 50.)

I agree that it should be aimed. +3 Atk modifier, with say 5 pace range increments? That way, if you're within 5 paces (15 feet), she gets a +3 to her attack roll, up to 10 paces (15-30 feet), she's even odds, up to 15 paces (30-45 feet) she's at -3, and at 20 paces (45-60 feet) she's at -6. And that's on top of her reduced damage at range.

Does she still have to do the verbal/somatic component thing? Or can she just take a very deep breath and cut loose?


I'll accept a deep breath and roar as equivilent to words & gestures, with the caveat that people know what u are up to. Just fluff, mechanically the same as listening to W&G to figure out the TeFo. Meaning that, in an Order of 1500 magi, you are not the first dragon blooded magus ever encountered, and the use od such a power is part of recorded lore.