Vigil 1195 summer - the arrival

The man takes the penny and says "Very well sir." then proceeds to enjoy his ale before taking the message back.

Hugh, watching through the eyes of his familiar, will ask him to intercept and solve the situation. In response, the familiar takes a human form, looking like a blond cousin of the form Hugh took earlier. He will return, and read the note to Eogan, but then spend the rest of the night doing what he wants - which is partying with the humans.

Éogan thanks the familiar, and continues the evening of storytelling, which I am sure the familiar is going to enjoy too. Does he have any luck with the attempted reciprocacy?

The familiar will tell stories of pranks he's done. He likes to play pranks on people that can either end harmlessly or end quite badly, and depending on how good of a sport the person is, that determines the outcome. For instance, taking the form of a pony, and when the farmer catches him and tries to ride him, takes him on a hair-raising break-neck ride through the forest. If the farmer is good-natured about it and has fun, he just brings him home, no harm no foul, and maybe knocks up the farmer's mare with a half-faerie colt. But if the farmer is nasty about it, trying to control him or hurt him, he leaves him in the middle of the forest and takes away his pants. He tells the story both ways, at different times; and more along the same lines.

as the night drags on various people stand up and tell their stories. One man tells how he slept with another mans wife. another tells of how a (deceased) respected member of the community molested him as a child. By the end of the evening the place has descended into a fight as rivalries develop in trying to first "one up" each other with tales of how hey have gotten one over on each other and eventually open hostility results. The bar is closed in a brawl after much property damage and bruised ribs.
The owner tells you he will honor your agreement tonight, but suggests you be out of town before the sun sets again on the town.

As the spirits get high, Éogan withdraws to a corner to listen, amazed with the effect of his poetry. When the party turns into hostility, he stands up with a soothing poem, but by that time nobody is going to hear him over the noise, and he withdraws to rueful contemplation in his corner.

«As you wish,» says Éogan sulkily to the keeper. «It is quite an open and sharing community, you have here. I am sorry it got out of hand .»

Éogan has a lie-in the next morning, preparing for an adventure the following night. In the afternoon, he takes a stroll to watch how the townsfolk react to the events the night before. He makes sure to go past the smith's to look for Hugh, and he will by some food for the journey. In the evening he heads for the meeting place.

Hugh does not appear to be at the blacksmith, whose shop is open (he dropped off food with Hugh the previous night), though he closes around nightfall, and Hugh is able to meet him there.

Hugh already told me where to meet, so when night falls, I head for the meeting place.

Hugh will be waiting, in the red-headed form in which Eogan saw him last. He speaks in Latin,

"Greetings, Eogan. So... we need to head to a faerie well to the northwest. We can camp later on tonight, but I want to get further from town. There was some trouble with children in the town and a faerie well, I'm hoping we can do them a good turn and find a way into the faerie realm also."

[He got the best directions he could from Finnegan, was there any other info?]

«Where have you been? I expected to see you at the inn yesternight. It was quite a night, I can tell you. Stories in abundance. What's the story about these children?»

"It's better if I don't appear in this town. The wrath of your former masters is dangerous, and I don't want to endanger a village just because I happened to go to it. As for the children..."

[he will share whatever he knows.]

Basically the story, as it has been heard, is that a pair of young children tried to fetch water from the faerie well and were dragged underhill by assailants unknown.

Traveling all night you arrive in the associated town by morning.

Hugh looks to Eogan. (He is still in the redhead guise.) "Shall we? Take a rest, then find out what we can and go exploring? I'm going to have to rely on you to speak with the villagers, if you don't mind."

«No problem. Later. Now I am knackered. So let's start with the rest.» Éogan looks around. Is it convenient to sack in the field, under a tree, or something? Or is it raining? «You don't know if the well is inside the village or some distance away, do you?»

Hugh looks at him, surprised. "Oh! I thought you'd want to rest at an inn. If we were going to camp we could've done it a while ago, I can make us a shelter from a tree or something. But I can't get us a room, I don't speak Gaelic."

«I don't particularly mind either way, but arriving in the morning to ask for a bed is going to raise some eyebrows. Unless they have private rooms to let, we won't get much rest there either.»

Hugh nods. "I see what you mean." He will find a thicket, and using a little MuTe magic, makes the leaves more like a roof and the underbrush softer and easier to lay down on, while making the bushes around the perimeter higher and thicker. Asking Sionnacliste to keep watch, and to wake them when the sun is at its highest, he lays down and goes to sleep.

Éogan studies Hugh's creation for a while, amazed and amused, before he also goes to sleep next to him.

Assuming their nap is uneventful, Sionnacliste wakes them a bit after noontime, and Hugh will look over at Éogan. "Rested enough? Shall we go into town?"

[Question, how chatty was Éogan on the trip? Did he say anything that would clue in Hugh that he really wishes he could do magic?]

«Good morning. Yes, I am fine. Let's go. Is there anyone in particular you need me to talk to? Or are we just out for gossip?»

[Éogan is not particularly chatty. The idea about magic is a sore point, and very personal. That may become apparent every time Hugh brings it up either by talk or by spell casting, but Hugh is not particulary perceptive, neither is he particularly absent minded. Éogan would not bring it up. Is that enough of an answer to RP it at the next crossroads?]