Vim spells determining the correct levels?

In the Vim section despite some very confusing writting It looks like range/durration count towards base spell level, is this correct?

some examples....

unravelling the form:
Guideline; dispel specific magical effect with total less than level +4 magnitudes +stress die
Spell discription; dispel magical effect with total less than level +10 +stress die (spell is voice range )
[color=blue]Appears we lost 2 magnitudes or 10 levels to the voice range

DOE: (which we house ruled differently since the discrepancy between guideline and spell can cause large problems)
guidelines say reduce might by level of the spell +10.
Spell discription says lose might equal to the level of the spell (spell is voice range )

suppressing wizards handiwork:
guidelines: sustain or supress spell you cast if level is less than level +2mag
spell: less than level of spell (touch, Conc)
[color=blue]again we lost 2 magnitudes or 10 levels to the range/duration


RegoVim Guideline: Create a conduit or container for spells with level less than the level +5 magnitudes of the Vim spell...

Assume spell is touch/sun, then it should be: create a conduit or container for spells with level less than the level +2 magnitudes of the Vim spell...?

So if i have a rego Vim base level 5, +touch/sun=effective level 20, what level spell could it hold?

45? effective level +5mag
30? effective level +2mag

Do range/duration count for the spell being held or is it just base level?

That seems perfectly fine to me?.. if it was cast as a Personal, Momentary, Individual spell, it would dispel the level + 20.. you're spending 10 of those levels on the voice range to give it a wider usage.
There's no discrepancy at all :slight_smile:

Again.. if you were making a spell that surpressed spells on your own person for just a moment.. you'd lose those 2 magnitudes spent on additional features.. and it would once again be level +10

The reason those magnitude guidelines are there is because usually, you're -expected- to spend them on various uppings of the range and such

Nope, you've spent 3 magnitudes on additional effects, so it would be level - 10 for effects.

Those ones are mostly likely low to cause you to only contain lower magnitude spells.. though that said.. Opening the Intangible Tunnel breaks those guidelines completely, as it's making a conduit with 5 magnitudes of additional range and duration, yet just applies -1 for concentration.. ah well

At any rate.. I think the problem is most likely the way they word things.. they just say the level of the spell, when in general, you should be comparing the -base- level of the spell..

Let's take the unravelling the form option, you make a level 30 version of it. In the spell makeup, you'd have.. Base level: 20, +2 Voice.

Which would give you 20 + 20 + stress, compared to the simplified spell description, which as it has a set range, just shows it as 30 + 10 + stress.