Virtue or Flaw?

One of the character designs we have discussed in our fledging saga talks about a character that has a kind of personal magic. Basically he is quite impervious to external influences due to aura, bith positive and negative. Basically he gets half the benefit or penalty out of an aura, rounding the benefit/penalty down.

We think this will me a minor V&F. However, we are unsure if that should be a be a benefit (virtue) or a penalty (flaw). Any thoughts on that? Thx :slight_smile:


Virtue. I'd trade half benefit from magical aura for only half penalty of divine auras any time.

Hm, then again, your lab total will be reduced, so that's a rather harsh penalty. Still, I think it's more fitting as a Virtue.

Virtue - it reduces dependencies upon outside circumstances. Out of interest, will it also halve botch dice from auras?

Both a minor virtue and a minor flaw
(like cyclical magic)

Virtue then. TThe V AND F approach is anothe rpossibility. I willc omment it to see what they think about this. Thx :slight_smile:

Didn't think about the botch dice. To prevent it being too good, I would say "no", since the aura is still there even if it does nto affect the character as much.


This was my thought ass well.

We have this:
Independent Magic, remove bonuses and penalties due to type and strenght of prevailing aura and replaces with a +3 bonus
as a Major Virtue. And this:
Independent Magic, halve all bonuses and penalties due to type and strenght of prevailing aura or Taint and gives a +1 bonus
as a Minor Virtue.


The value of this one depends on the saga.

In a saga where most goings-on go on in Dominion or Infernal Auras, this is a fantastic virtue. In a saga that features expeditions to mythic places with high magical auras, and whose covenant lies in one of them, this is a grievous flaw.

If I were to price them generically, I'd have a minor virtue that halves all Aura effects on the character and his works, rounding toward zero, and a major virtue that eliminates all Aura effects. This is fair; characters in a covenant with Magic 8 won't take these virtues, so there's no problem, whereas those at the Vatican covenant will want them even without an additional bonus.



If it removes/reduces the extra Botch dice for auras, it is definately a Virtue. Mind you, we also use the full aura as extra Botch dice even in the aura you are aligned to. I believe this was an object of discussion recently.

A Lab rat or researcher won't take it, but a social magus waltzing around the dominion could. Magi frequenting high powered faerie auras might, if it reduces Botch dice.