Vitkir Magical Defenses - looking for an example

Not really. My initial query as prompted by my not seeing the magical defenses common to other hedge traditions. I knew there had to be something but I wasn't certain what it was.

Yes, that will be a draw on their time and as a result could reduce their knowledge across all Runes. I suspect that the Vitkir that I create will specialize in far fewer than the full 24 Runes. I might make a couple of them and see how they go.

Well, they are hedgies. It looks like they can learn their Rune Arts/Abilities from written sources just as magi do, but the Rune Scripts apparently need to be taught by a teacher or invented from scratch.

Oh, now, there's an idea - Vitki Trollslayer!

Well, he's thinking about it. And you're right that it would fill his magus slot but I'm comfortable with his MR being a little more restricted than for the magi. If it's a problem, they should find a way to teach him Parma Magica. He might be a member of Ex Miscellanea (if that's the route we go) but his tradition is decidedly non-Hermetic.

Well... assuming he has the Algiz (Perth) Rune active he does get to ignore spells that affect him directly regardless of level and/or penetration. He might need some other Runes to give him broader protection against sharp or toasty things. But that's fine. I'm comfortable with that.

It's been a really interesting discussion and it has actually increased my appreciation for these Rune Wizards. Like the Gruaguchan, their style of magic really feels like a very different tradition to the Hermetic norm and the strengths and weaknesses they have seem thematically appropriate.

I could see myself playing one of these guys.

That's my experience anyway.

As far as I can tell, all hedgies can in this edition, as opposed to earlier editions.
I have noticed no limitations on writing about any Supernatural ability or Art, and only very restrictions on learning from these writings (in the core book).