Vocis of Tremere - Development

That is exactly what I am saying. Creating a phantasm that sorta looks like a soldier or kinda like a monk, not a big deal. A Finesse roll is needed to specifically emulate Don Maldonado of Leon or a Franciscan Friar.

Thanks again for all the advice. This is a big help.

Rolling Finesse for specific illusions is fine with me. I actually expected to do a lot of that, which is why I took the Affinity.

Looks like I need to work on my Realm Lores. :slight_smile: I can spont some of these without a roll if I just use sight. If I spend fatigue I can easily hit level 15 to include another sense and movement. Once I establish (in game) which illusions I'm sponting regularly, I'll invent them as formulaic. As for the room, that's going on my development list.

I'll think about this, but it seems like there other magical ways to influence people than paying them in fake gold. I also tend to assume that magi usually aren't hurting for money. It's entirely possible I'm being monumentally naive.

Added to the list.

I considered this but wasn't sure it would be worthwhile. Clair de Lune probably has its own magical defenses and Andorra seems to be heavily involved with the local populace.

For the first spell, is AC range necessary? I didn't think you needed to include AC range if the guideline specifically includes AC range as part of the description. This one seems similar to Leap of Homecoming, which is Per range but sends you to an AC. Either way, I'm adding both of these to my list. The second one is better than my current communication spells.

Already had Eyes of the Eagle, but I've added the rest to my list.

I don't see a way to do with with MuIm, but I'll see what I can do with the miniatures concept from HoH:S. I can effectively blind a target by projecting an illusion directly at his head and add other sensory input if I want to make the illusion more convincing.

Spell check please...

Visions of Hell - CrIm 25 V/D/P
The spell projects an illusion of roaring flames to an individual target's sight, hearing, and touch sensory organs. The species of the illusion can only be sensed by the target (see Miniatures, HoH:S p. 67). From the target's perspective, he is surrounded by hot, roaring flames that cover an area of approximately Room size (Per+Finesse Ease Factor of 12 to cast properly). Other observers see nothing out of the ordinary beyond the target's reactions to the illusion. The target is effectively blinded for the spell's duration, but may still hear and/or feel his surroundings through the illusion with an Awareness roll. A Brave or similar personality check may also be necessary for the target to take any actions (SG's discretion).
(Base 3 [3 senses], +1 to follow target's movements, +1 changing image, +2 Voice, +1 Diam, +1 Part)

[strike]The example miniature spells in HoH:S include Part target because they're only targeting the head. I didn't include it here because the haptic (touch) species are targeting the entire body.[/strike]

EDIT: Removed smell effect, added Part Target, attempted to clarify spell description.

Go for part anyways. You are not affecting the whole image/person. Just that part percieved by the senses of that person.

No problem. I'll drop smell and add Part. This does lead to another question - can I affect multiple people if I bump the Target to Group with FFM?

Yes, with the caveat that they can percieve the illusion on each other.

I would adjust a little wording. Right now the wording allows you to make person A on fire as seen by person B, which I don't think is what you meant.

Cycle 3: 1221-1229

Vocis had very little time to rest upon his return from Iberia. As one of a handful of skilled signalers outside Transylvania, he suddenly found his services in demand within his House. He was frequently pressed into service within Provencal, helping to protect Hermetic (or Tremere) interests from both sides of the ongoing Albigensian Crusade. This gave him first-hand exposure to the complexities of Hermetic politics, as the Roman covenants sought ways to profit from the chaos and the magi of Provencal (and to a lesser degree, Normandy) tried to minimize the damage without taking sides. Vocis’s usual responsibilities included investigating Cathar groups for overt infernal activity and leading mundane units in skirmishes with ‘foragers’ from both sides. The low point involved the horrific siege of Toulouse, in which Vocis joined several other magi in attempting to reduce the extensive collateral damage to the surrounding area. The mission was eventually abandoned in order to avoid direct conflict with the crusading forces.

One minor social encounter was of particular importance. In 1225, Vocis and two grogs (Fausto and Liberto, two Spaniards who followed Vocis from Iberia) were attacked by a group of ‘bandits’ in the eastern Pyrenees. While they were able to disperse the attackers, Liberto took an arrow to the chest and was clinging to life. Vocis led his band to the nearby covenant of Windgraven to seek sanctuary and medical attention for Liberto. The three spent a month there, during which time Vocis befriended the Tremere physician Francisco and his unusual daughter Micaela. Francisco was having difficulty related to his daughter, but Vocis’s experience as a family man helped him win the girl over and help Francisco deal with her. The two magi maintained a correspondence and Vocis visited Windgraven frequently, with Micaela coming to refer to him as her uncle.

In 1228, with the crusade winding down as the French Queen Regent exerted her will on the last remaining Cathar strongholds, Vocis was able to step away from the soldier’s life and begin searching for an apprentice. After two fruitless seasons of chasing rumors, he returned home to discover Micaela had arrived several days before asking for him. Apparently her father had opened her Arts in preparation for her apprenticeship, but died in a terrible necromantic accident shortly thereafter. His spirit remained, guiding her to Uncle Vocis to complete her training. Two years later she has become his apprentice and part of his extended family, though most of the family is still adjusting to her social issues.

25 seasons of Advancement:
11 xp Intelligo, 14 xp Animal, 15 xp Aquam, 15 xp Auram, 14 xp Herbam, 28 (+14) xp Imaginem, 15 xp Terram, 28 Vim, 25 (+12.5) xp Finesse, 55 xp Magic Theory, 30 xp Teaching

5 lab seasons:

  1. Learning MuIm spells (3 xp Imaginem)
    a. Image Phantom, MuIm 20
    b. Aura of Childlike Innocence, MuIm 10 (MoH p. 91)

  2. Learning/inventing InIm spells (3 xp Imaginem)
    a. Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood, InIm 35
    b. Hear the Distant Voice, InIm 5

  3. Learning ReCo spells (2 xp Corpus)
    a. Seven League Stride, ReCo 30
    b. Rise of the Feathery Body, ReCo 10

  4. Inventing CrIm spells (3 xp Imaginem)
    a. Visions of Hell, CrIm 25

  5. Learning PeMe spells (2 xp Mentem)
    a. Dissolving the Wall of Shields, PeMe 20 (HoH:S p. 70)
    b. Agnosia, PeMe 10 (HoH:S 69)

1 seasons earning vis

2 seasons spent seeking an apprentice (4 xp Area Lore: Provencal)

2 seasons teaching apprentice (4 xp Teaching)

1 season lost to the mists of time :slight_smile:

Warping points: 15 + 9 (longevity ritual) + 3 (Twilight, etc.)

Twilight scars:

  1. All magical flames Vocis creates, whether real or illusory, are a dark and corrupted reflection of the flames of Hell he encountered in his first Twilight.
  2. Vocis’s clothing/armor always appears to be in pristine condition while he is wearing it. New or existing stains and damage to the clothing/armor reappear when he disrobes.

EDIT: Revised last two years to produce higher InVi lab total required for opening apprentice's Arts.
EDIT2: Added history

For the record, Ok by MuVi guidelines, OK by published spells (Disguise of the Transformed Image), adn OK by what I said above. I'm relieved.
Feel free to inspire yourself of these for spontaneous disguises :smiley:

Oh, yes, I did this too quickly, sorry :blush: The target is your own voice, so Per range is enough. So that's base 15, duration concentration, and lvl 20 :smiley: This makes me stupidly happy :laughing:

Same thing, too quick, tired, and from memory to boot. I checked at home while eating, it's MuMe to grand magical senses to a group.
This would need you to affect his Sight, so we're looking at a spell of about lvl 25 that needs to penetrate. Forget it, your ideas are better.

Seems good to me, although I'm not the best judge a priori right now :blush: :laughing:

Awesome twilight scar :smiley:

Do you need me to try to have more ideas, or is it enough?
Oh, I think, a great thing for a tremere, especially a Tremere Illusionist, would be to pursue Dream Magic. This may figure in your future plans.

Good to hear! I can spont any level 5 Imaginem spell without a roll (barring adverse auras), so I'll be making liberal use of personal disguises and Touch-range illusions.

I think it's still level 30. You need to include a magnitude for affecting a changing target and another magnitude to make the projected image change along with the target. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

Thanks. I'm still working on the Twilight that caused it. :slight_smile:

Beware! These are MuIm. Other techniques are usually harder. But yes :smiley: You'll be quite the Master of Disguise

No no, you're right, I'm just doing things very quickly. In a hurry, quite hungry, sorry :laughing:
By bye people!

I'm inordinately pleased to find a fellow fan of Scandinavian metal. :astonished:

Well, as we are so few and far between, it's not akin being in another country and stumbling upon a guy from your hometown :wink:

Final version of Vocis is posted in a new thread. Sticky please.

May I suggest you put either book reference or description+design for the spells that aren't in the corebook? You've done it for most, but not all, in particular your unique spells.

For exemple, if you see Arachné's spells, knowing Mask of Youth is MuIm 4 doesn't help much, until you read "Change the caster's appearance to that of a young, beautiful girl in her twenties. This affects sight, hearing and touch. Base 3, per, +1 Conc"

Good point. I've added descriptions for the unique spells.

1230 aging roll...

Age 5 + roll 7 - Bronze Cord 2 - Living Conditions 1 - Longevity Ritual 10 = -1.

A few remarks:

Vocis is awesome. Arachné will be very interested in working with him, given his mastery of Imaginem magics, especially with his knowledge of "Ambush on a Deserted Road". She's asked for various circles to be engraved here and there, she'll take his abilities into account once she knows about them, this will be great for defense!
About Agnosia, though, is it the (terrific) spell which strips you of your ability to use one form? If so, IIRC, you must specify to what form it applies.

Glad to hear it. He'll be happy to assist.

It is not. Agnosia removes the target's 'familiarity with a category of object represented by a single noun'. For example, I could make the target forget what a 'weapon' is. If he was then handed an axe, he would not recognize it as a weapon and wouldn't know how to use it as such. I think he could still use it to chop wood, though. See HoH:S p. 69.

Where would I find the spell that strips the target of the ability to use a form?

Oooh, that's a fine spell :smiley:

For the other, I don't remember, but it's probably in MoH. It stops you from actively using a single form for the spell's duration, so you still have the benefit to MR but can't cast spells of that form. Not that interesting, IIRC.