Voice spells and PeIm

This may seem to be the most simplistic question, but I have allowed myself to get into a back and forth within my own skull about this topic and now I need outside help to keep the factions inside my head from war.

If you use PeIm to destroy all sound say within a building, or even within voice range (and this was were I started to get psyche dissenters) then that would utterly make all voice range spells within the given area nullified?

Species once it leaves a mage no longer is protected by said magic workers parma? Or is it? If it is then is it a Arcane connection?

Would your PeIm spell have to penetrate to destroy sounds made by a sorcerer or a fairy or a talking ferret-unicorn?

Oh Aristotle where are you now?!?

Spells already cast wouldn't be affected by your PeIm, but it would cause subsequent spells cast at Voice range to fail.

As regards to species being AC, I do not believe they are.

As for penetration, it is not required to destroy species.

RAW disagrees. Read ArM5 p112.
If you don't silence the caster, you don't affect Voice range.

Yes, I see. So even if you destroyed all sound coming from a magus you would still have to penetrate their Parma to actually stop there spell casting ability using voice. See I was thinking if you obliterated all sound within a area then voice spells could not carry, but it seem core rules have thought of this. Thanks.

See I was imagining a nice enchantment device that silences a given area, preventing spells of voice from being effective. It was to help in Flambeau hunting.

Indeed, you are correct. Thanks for pointing it out.