VOTE HERE! Ars Academy Awards Tonight?

EDIT: Nominations are now OPEN! Please go vote here! ... 4/viewform

I just discovered via my housemate it is the Oscars tonight? So what are are categories? I'll set up an anonymous voting site if we can get 12 categories and nominations for each?

I figure Best Ars Supplement has to be one! Anyway post some suggested categories, and I'll sort a poll out. Best Edition?

cj x

Best Sigil
Best New Spell
Best Talisman

Best Canonical Character (you love to hate): Rotgiers de Gerberoy[1].

[1] He doesn't seem a very Tremere kind of character. I think he's gone native.

Keep going, I reckon we need 12 categories!

Best Monster?
Best Tribunal?
Best Non-Hermetic Magic System?
Most Improved House?

I like those! Excellent! Anymore?

cj x

Maybe some sort of life-time achievement dealie to honour the game's previous editions? Or Best fan work, perhaps?

Best in-book illustration
Best cover
Favorite canonical Covenant

OK, I have created the Grimgroths! Nominations are open till Wednesday here :slight_smile: ... 4/viewform
cj x


So far 13 people have put nominations in. Keep them coming!

I love the Grimgroths!

And it was really hard to choose the three "best" books… Which made me realize how much I like most of them!

Well, my votes are in. I can't wait to see who they get to present this year's awards!

Will there be a separate voting event after the nominations or is it just one collection of idea from which you will choose a winner?

Like the Oscars, to be held at the same time every year to playfully celebrate Ars Magica. This form is for the nominations, which I will leave open until 8pm GMT on Wednesday 5th March 2014. The top four nominees in each category will be put forward where possible for a public vote that will be open for one week. I will announce the Grimgroth's at a special gala ceremony held in my covenant safe from scrying -- er, sorry, on the Atlas Games forum, on the evening of the 8th. We will expect nominees to wear nice frocks and suffer wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet, and screaming hordes of paparazzi - oh ok, a write up in Sub Rosa! The polls will close 6pm on Sunday 9th March

Voted. Filling in some of those entries was hard.

Voted a time ago.


Please encourage members of your gaming groups and other Ars friends to nominate!

I second that