VOTE HERE! Ars Academy Awards Tonight?

Don't you go complaining now! You're a nominee! :wink:

Nominations close in just 5 hours and we have thirty one sets of nominations, and which make it through to the voting is very close. Please share the link on other Ars communities and among your playing group, and do go vote if you haven't!

The nominations will be followed by the actual voting this week once we have created the shortlists by these nominations. Only the most noiminated candidates go through to to the actual voting ... 4/viewform

cj x

Once the nominations are presented I for one would like to see some campaigning here on this thread for the different nominees.

Now I know from Erik that Grimgroth defected to the World of Darkness and becamea vampire, should we change the name? Suggestions? The Stormriders? Or di we like Grimgroths?

cj x

I like the Grimgroths, but if copyrights complicates this, it can change, I suppose.
The Trianomas?

Grimgroths does have a certain ring to it.

Choosing something else as musical may be difficult. None the less here are a few ideas:

The Pitsdims (broken covenant of Calebais is almost as early as Grimgroth)
The Herissons (the pre-schism war bjornaer who I think goes back at least to houses of hermes perhaps even to order of hermes, i haven't checked)
The Gwidions (from magi of hermes so only about four years old but who doesn't want to have gwidion as a sodales? He'd be like the best fellow magi to have in a covenant ever)
The Bellens (named after the platonic ideal of redcaps)
The imaginem magus from Medieval Tapestry I don't recall his name, but the idea of an immobile magus who takes part in a larger world by projecting images accross the land has a certain resonance with this endevor.

Excellent ideas!

Because Atlas tweeted the contest and we have a late flurry of nominations, I am going to extend the nominations deadline till 9pm GMT tonight. Partly that is also because my other half Becky has arrived and i have to take her out for dinner, but also I think it's only fair to give the people in the USA a little time to see it and vote. The arithmetic of reducing the nominations to the actual nominees in each category is horrible, but I have laid out completely fair ways of doing it and darkwing can see the nominations document (as can Janus if he wanders round to my house).

Everything will be voted for apart from Lifetime Award, where one person has received many times the number of votes all the other nominees put together have. I now have to work out how to make a lifetime award we can actually present to them if they show up for it at Grand Tribunal this year.

So you have till 9pm tonight. And then I will start announcing the nominees, and people can start discussing them, and i think there will be a day or two before the voting proper opens while i set up the website properly

cj x

I am sure than this name is no heaveyly watched, i mean, this sounds almost like one catch from Harry Potter. And, well, I liked a few the character, (I knew first about him from one book of MtA/cWoD and he was cool).

It is now past 9pm in CJ's part of the world.

It is indeed. The nominations have closed, and there are some HUGE surprises. The rules were four nominees per category based on the four largest numbers of nominations submitted. If there was a tie that meant more than four shared votes, I have allowed up to six- if it goes beyond six I have reduced the size of the category. I know that sounds a bit arcane, but it was determined before any votes were cast to make it as fair as possible.


[b]* Ancient Magic

  • Art & Academe
  • Covenants
  • Hedge Magic Revised Edition
  • Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults
  • Houses of Hermes: True Lineages[/b]

32 different books were nominated; the most nominations any one book received was six. I think this is a testament to the strength of the line.
Once voting starts (which will be however long it takes me to sort through all the nominations and get the site up) you will have to choose from the books listed here though! Congratulations to all the writers of the above books - it is noticeable that nothing I worked on appears! :wink:

[b]Nominees for Best Edition

  • 3rd Edition
  • 5th Edition[/b]

That was it. I was expecting some votes for foreign language editions, but assume they must have been counted as "5th". I won't be taking bets on the outcome, because I think we can all guess, unless a lot of old fans arrive to vote! :slight_smile:

Dear CJ, please pardon the obtuseness on my part, but how do we cast votes for the nominees?

Nominees for Best Cover

  • Ars Magica 3rd Edition Core Rules

  • Against the Dark

  • The Church

  • Hooks

  • Rival Magic

  • Transforming Mythic Europe

That's not obtuse, you would need Premonitions to know! :slight_smile: Once I have finished sorting out the nominees, I have created a special site where you can only vote once from any given IP, and then we are off. I will announce it here, but feel free in the meantime to discuss who you should vote for!

cj x

[b]Best Tribunal Book Nominees

  • Against the Dark: Transylvania
  • The Contested Isle: Hibernia
  • Guardians of the Forest: Rhine
  • Heirs to Merlin: Stonehenge
  • The Sundered Eagle: Thebes

Best Forum Posters

Twenty six people nominated, including all the usual suspects. :slight_smile: For the sake of keeping the maths easy I'll stay in this one, so the four who got four nominations each are the nominees

[b]* cj.23

  • erik tyrell
  • timothy ferguson
  • xavi[/b]

Best Fan Support

Straightforward this one.... but where is the covenants project? That was truly impressive, but only got a single nomination :frowning:

[b]* Arcane Connection Podcast

  • Grand Tribunal Convention
  • Project Redcap
  • Sub Rosa magazine[/b]

Nominees for Best Canonical Character

Three here

[b]* Conciatta from Legends of Hermes

  • Pralix the Founder
  • Marco the Redcap (& Liar!)[/b]

Nominees for Best Canonical Creature

  • The Dragon Abbott from Antagonists
  • The King of Soqotra from Rival Magic
  • Ladon from Ancient Magic
  • Varnos the Fire Drake from ROP: Magic

Nominees for Best Non-Hermetic Magic System

8 were nominated, the four most nominated were

  • The Augustan Brotherhood / Virgillian Magic (Rival Magic)
  • The Gruagach (Hedge Magic Revised Edition)
  • The Nightwalkers (Rival Magic)
  • The Sahir (Cradle & Crescent)