Voting seals

Ok, i checkt around the forum, but dident find any posts about this. My question is simple: What is a voting seal? Not what you do with it but what is it physicaly?
I read in True lineage tremere section that it is a litle wooden staff, and i guess its the one displayed on the front page on the book (the red cap is holding them in his right hand). But still, i never read anything els about them. It also says that tremere use the seal to light the funeral candle of their dead master, but do they light them on fire or is there something magical about the seal itself?
One more thing: How many seals exist? how are they made? How can you tell its autentic?

Wow, was only one question in the begining, but it grew :smiley:

Are you sure that the Circle of Sequestered Magics wants this information known? :slight_smile:

page 86 , ArM 05

Each member of the Order has a voting sigil -used for the Tribunals by yourself or sending it with a proxy- but they have no fixed form. They probably have a mark of yours etched into them, and some Houses might use somewhat of a standard (Tremere might very well). As fas I can remember your sigil is noted at the time of your Gauntlet/swearing the Oath and that is how it is assured to be genuine.

As a sidenote the Tremere has a special practice of the master keeping the apprentices sigil (and thus their voting power) until they've beaten them at Certamen.

Note that the tribunal's membership is usually fairly small and constant, and you'll only vote with your own sigil generally, so it's largely a formality. When you're voting with another's sigil by proxy, supposedly the quaesitors have verified that you're in your right - and if they catch you cheeting, that will be very likely to be a High Crime, which will tend to limit forgeries.

As Furion said, there is no fixed form (although some Houses, particularly Tremere, may have their own traditions).