Vulcanus' Workshop

Making my own thread because I don't want to clutter the main TT thread, and I want to be able to find all this stuff easily :slight_smile:

So in the future, we're planning to make armors for Vocis, Esteban, and Vibria. Vocis has a 0 Str so anything he wears is going to encumber him; Vibria and Esteban are a little better off at +1. So the latter two can do well with a partial suit of chain with a higher-magnitude version of Hauberk of Supreme Lightness to cut it down to 2 load. But I'm not sure what to do for Vocis :confused: Would he want some kind of leather armor or would he eat the encumbrance to wear something metal?

Vocis will eat the encumbrance.

Partial chain mail is exactly what Esteban wants. Thanks!

Which reminds me, I still have to figure out that book of lab texts you have.
And I looked up the Hammer of Herricus. That could be useful to you, and a story hook :wink:
And that door Arachne found, that is something for Vulcanus to investigate :smiling_imp:

Oh, so many juicy tidbits :smiley:

Yes, since there are Iberian runes, I thought she'd show this to vulcanus, too. It's his heritage, anyway :smiley:

Does making magic items for other covenant members count as a dedicated season of service? It would be pretty rude to charge his sodales for his time, but Vulc is too proud to work for free.

Oh-- of Esteban, Vocis, and Vibria, do any of them want their armor open for enchantment? If not, Bernhard can make them and Vulc can turn them into items of quality. If that's the case we'll send Tomas the Venditor (henceforth known as "VendiTom") to negotiate a good wage for Bernhard's labor.

If the purpose for the item is to assist the magus in the fufillment of his duties to the covenant, then yes, it does count as covenant service.
And, in my opinion, defense of the covenant is a priority of every member. So yes, I do think this qualifies.

I think the main magical enchantment that Vibria would want in her armour is to be immune to heat and fire. Wouldn't want it melting off of her, now, would we?

Vocis will eventually want Hauberk of Sublime Lightness, but that's probably it. Can IoQs be enchanted as lesser enchantments later or do they have to be prepped as a full invested items from the start?

Items of quality are basically mundane items. So it's separate from the enchanting process (which is why non-Verdi can have IoQs as talismans). Thus you can make them either lesser enchanted devices or you can open them as proper enchanted items.

Only reason I'd need to know which beforehand is Verditius Magic lets you open an item for enchantment at the same time as you create it, which lowers the opening cost.

Oh. In that case, yes, Vibria would like her armour opened for enchantment. Thank you.

OK so the plan is:

Vibria's armor, he names "Courtesy."
1: First season, creating armor and opening for enchantment. Close inspection reveals that the chainmail is actually not made of interlinked rings, but is woven out of two contiguous pieces of metal. One of the filaments has been alchemically tinted golden and the other red, so that when Vibria bends or moves, it creates a minor optical illusion suggesting the flickering of flames. The armor will have a capacity of 20 pawns, and it will cost 14 pawns to open it. (Does Vibria have the vis now, or do we have to postpone her armor until she accumulates some vis?) He will attune the item's [strike]Verditius[/strike]Iberian Runes to give the item a +6 bonus to fire-related effects.
2: Second season making into an item of quality, giving it +6 to Soak (or 7 if I have time to study Philosophiae first). Takes 1p of Vim.
Further enchantments TBA.

If Esteban doesn't want his armor open for enchantment, Bernhard can spend one season making both Vocis and Esteban's suits of partial chain. They will be finely crafted, though not with Verditius runes. Note that this part of the plan is contingent upon VendiTom being able to convince the covenant to pay Bernhard generously for his time.

Vocis' armor ... well, it's up to him to name it. I didn't make it.
1: First season spent making it an Item of Quality. Cost: 1 pawn of vim.
2: Second season spent enchanting it with Hauberk of Sublime Lightness. It's within Vulc's focus and he gets the bonus for enchanting a similar effect previously, so he can easily pull this off in one season.

Esteban's armor likewise doesn't have a name by default. Vulc spends one season making it into an Item of Quality. Any other requests?


Let's see....flips to Vibria's character sheet Luckily, her Avaricious is only Minor, so she should be able to talk herself into parting with the vis (when she gets it), for an even prettier and more awesome piece of her hoard. She should be able to talk herself into parting with the one pawn she has. But not yet...she rolled a 2 on her Avaricious Personality Trait, so she's not admitting to having any [strike]treasure[/strike] vis just yet. Hopefully soon.

I dunno if this is valable under Marko (IMO, under a strict reading of the rules, it shouldn't, but, well, people differ :laughing: ).

But if it is, Arachné would like to have her staff opened as an item of quality for "Project bolt or other missile".

I don't think that Item of Quality bonuses work towards magical effects that come out of them. At least not from their description.

If folks say that's kosher then it's fine with me, and Vulc is willing to do it.

Yeah, I don't think that would work either -- unless you can make that staff shoot missiles in an entirely non-magical fashion. There's already a way to have items help you with magical effects: Talismans.

Is it spring loaded?

Nope, that would be to help with the finesse roll with invisible sling of vilano when waving her staff around.

As I said, I tend towards the restrictive view of the rules (Vacation parma but in short, if it is used by a mundane to do/enhance his work, it's legit, if not, it ain't) which says it wouldn't work, but I've been in the minority on this, so I'm asking.

Aaargh!!! Thought I had more time on me, we're going out. I will see if I can post again this week but I doubt it, if not, next week guys!

Now that I could actually see working. It's not strictly by the RAW but it kind of makes sense to me. I'd allow it in one of my games, is all I'm saying.