Vulnerability When Avoiding Twilight

You've got a lot of munged quotes in that post. So, I'm quoting you very sparsely here, because I don't feel like fixing them to make the post make sense.

Yes, you did make a couple of posts, a bit of back and forth discussion between you and Christian Andersen ensued. He postulated that fighting Twilight seems to be too dangerous. You countered with only if time is a factor. IMO, that's not the only reason. Obviously if you're totally vulnerable, as you envision resisting Twilight, the amount of time you are totally vulnerable is largely immaterial. You will likely be killed, because you are completely defenseless unless you have shield grogs.

Please. I asked for clarification. I can assume that you meant spell, and that's what I was expecting you would say. But calling me silly?

Maybe, maybe not. Depends upon how Twilight works in your particular setting. Is it common for magi to disappear for long, or any, Twilight episodes, if so, when does that happen? Yes, the character would understand this as part of his Magic Theory training. So the presumption for knowing if he might disappear is a function of the saga generally, or a function of his warping score and number of warping points received from the botched spell.

That was supposed to be a friendly, playful 'silly'. If it was taken in any other way, I do appologies for any ill-feeling this may have caused.

Expressing playfulness over email or an open forum is challenging (even for those who are native speakers of the common language of the forum). Again, I was pretty sure what you meant about saying trying again, and again, I was pretty sure that you didn't mean to offend. I was seeking clarity.

It's Monday morning. I think we can all understand Monday mornings...

i am not sure about the awareness of the magus about the enviroment when he is traying to avoid a twilight. I think he is helpless and can not sense the enviroment at all: or maybe this change in each experience, who knows, but commonly he is trying to control a great magical force, using all his senses on it, swallowing him. I tend to resolve the scene before and then resolve the twilight, applying penalties if necesary: new hurts, fatigue, etc.
A dead magus cant resist the twilight, so the result of ur specifict story is a dead magus in twilight. if it was an important character in the series you can make something with this. Perhaps you can return to accompany, helping or not, the rest of their friends or torment grogs who could not save him. Who knows, be creative. No risk in an inherent risky situationfor the characters minds a boring game.