wacky spell

spell-curse of the clown
basically it give the victum the sudden & powerful urge to be silly(can be dangeruslly silly if his temperment usually allows him to be silly)
range-far(you don't want to be to close to the victum win it wares off)
tell me what you think of this spell,please!

I think I've spent hours telling you how to write spells correctly and I've seen you write better at other boards. Your capable of reading the book and correcting your errors feeds the fire.

Having said that, you actually used parameters that are in the book and that's a great step forward. I look forward (?) to seeing you use standard parameters more often in spell construction.


I think that you have a permanent version of this spell with
Target = Self. :stuck_out_tongue:
It is , as usual , up to the base stupidity level you seem to think we all have.

A spell that only affects parsons? Now that is intresting... How many lvls would you have to add to affect bishops?

Failed apprentices say that. :laughing:

Abe, try this!


I have been searching for this for quite some time unsuccessfully. Thanks for puting it up. Last time I put my players to do it they were ranked as bakers and farmers or something. And they play with the signs attached to the back of my SG screen :open_mouth:

About the spell, I was about to reply, but seeing the ammount of opposition/quasiflames currently present in this thread, I think I will wait better times or situation to do that.



Well , unless you change your name to ABE ,
i doubt you will attract too much Ignem. :wink:

Nah, I was refering that it seems to be a structural opposition to reply to spells posted incorrectly, so i will wait until it is well posted, like everyone else, I guess :slight_smile:



I thought that I WAS doing a good job this time!

I think they're complaining about the lack of explanation about how you went from the Rego Mentem guidelines in the book to the final level of your spell, which is something you haven't ever gotten right, in spite of patient explanations.

Do or do not. There is no try. :laughing:

Actually a Try is worth 04 points +02 points for the conversion. :slight_smile:

Nice. I gotta remember that one.

OK, I don't get it. Can someone please fill me in?

In Australian Rugby League ,
when a player gets the football over the goal-line it's worth 04 points
(Scoring a Try).
Kicking the football through the goalposts as well is worth another 02 points (the Conversion).

Oh, OK. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Did not adopt the international 5 + 2 pts?

Looks like they didn't.


That would be Rugby Union (5 pts), a somewhat more international sport than Rugby League (4 pts). Read your own link. :wink: