Walking dead senses

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I was rereading bits of Calebais the other day (it happens when you pick up all your ArM5 books to compile hedgies) when I noticed that in the scene concerning ther restless dead, they do not seem to be affected by the lack of light. Isd that the case? Are medieval restless dead able to operate normally even if they have a lack of sensory species? That would open quite some interesting possibilities for necromantic "night operations" forces...


Isnt that coverered in Sub Rosa #5 (page 19) , The Invisible World by Alex White.

So...? What would that mean for a walking dead in a dark cellar? can he go around manipulating items with ease and not hitting the walls? Or do the undead have a "detect brain" power with a +200 penetration? :stuck_out_tongue: IIRC that kind of zombie is not even a medieval concept.

Hey , you are the one doing the reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:

What i meant was , don't they exist in a luminiferous aether , which is how they see ,
rather than relying on light and species.
Unless we have undead species.

Kinda like having Second Sight to see the Invisible ,
Undead have Aura Sight to see the Living or anything with a Might Score.
So zombies probably do stumble around tripping over non-living things in a dark cellar.

As I confessed, that article is the one I have not read yet :blush: Thx for the tip. Really useful.


Depends on the type of "restless dead". If was animated by a necromancer, then it would have no special sigh-related abilities unless those were enchanted by the necromancer.

If the dead body was possessed by a spirit or ghost, then those spirits see (in my view) in a similar way to angels - they see things "as they really are", regardless of light, species or so on (although illusions would still deceive them if they penetrated their Magic Resistance). This means they'd be able to navigate in complete darkness.