Ward Against Humans

Can anyone assist with what Base this would be and how exactly it would work.

The ReCo guidelines refer to Wards protecting against creatures from the 4 realms and operating against their might. But what if a Magus simply wanted a ward to protect against normal mundanes. Is there any reason why this would be more powerful than Circle of Beast Warding.

It's a higher level spell because the guideline is 15?

So to ward a magus against other mundane people, it's a (15+ duration magnitude) effect.

And I'd say it's a higher level effect for a couple of reasons-- balance and people are "more complex than animals"/"have greater willpower"/"have souls"-- that sort of thing.

The higher guideline is ok for me. I don't want people to just spontaneously throw off a ward against people right away. For me, I'd rather that was something they intentionally developed or thought about doing.


If you like it, there is a ward against huimans in Covenants IIRC: level 5. Same as ward vs mundane animals in the core book.

I do not like it, but it is there if you want to use it.

Actually, I don't believe David liked it, either. :slight_smile:

The errata says:


I don't get the point for the Ritual on the second spell, except the complex effect of course.

Complexity seems a good enough reason for me, even though it's not over level 50.

Personally I'm not a fan of these 'all-in-one' effects, ritual or no. There are lots of issues with those kinds of wards that can bite the casting magus. It makes for the potential for good stories in some cases, or cautionary tales of hubris in others. The latter are interesting as anecdotes, but make for better stories if the players aren't the ones who create the situation to begin with.

The story of the paranoid magus who seals himself in a ward against humans, animals, fire, etc, etc. and finds he can't overcome his own ward and thus starves to death is a good cautionary tale for young magi. It makes for an interesting challenge when trying to gain access to the library of a fallen covenant. It makes for a fairly dull story and an ignoble end if it's a player magus who seals himself in one.

"...and then you starve to death. The end."

I'd be sorely tempted to present the cautionary tale to any magus who started thinking of making such wards, precisely to help avoid this scenario.

My covenant needs one. Not for the covenant itself, but for our flying boat - after the latest "grogs taking the boat for a joyride" incident we need to limit access to the control room to those with Parma Magica only, before the quaesitors accuse us of something.

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