Warped Faerie

In one game I have a situation where a faerie character (actual faerie, not faerie blood) is residing in an covenant whose aura was just raised to 7 (in response to demons raising an infernal aura in the covenant to 5 by manipulating the players....). The question is this: do faeries suffer warping when residing in a strong magic aura?

Nope. Faerie do not suffer warping. Period. No character with might does.

That sounded right, I just couldn't find anywhere that it indicated they would not suffer warping from a different aura than their own.

Okay, found it in the main book on p 192 under the format: warping score.
They bury these rules in the oddest places.

An aside, a creature without Might, but 'Native' to the Realm does not gain Warping for that Realm. So a Magus does not get Warped in a strong Magic aura and a Merinita wouldn't get Warped in either a strong Faerie or Magic Aura. Native usually means having certain Virtues or Flaws that derive from the realm. Someone with True Faith shouldn't get Warped from being in a strong Divine Aura.