Warping, and starting Virtues and Flaws

In many Covenants, older grogs end up fairly warped; so it makes sense to assign them Warping scores at character creation. Do the Flaws gained from Warping, and the single minor Virtue gained at Warping 5, count against the normal Virtue and Flaw limitations of grogs?

In our saga, they do not. A grizzled old shield grog created with a Warping score of 6 will have up to 4 Minor Virtues (1 from Warping), up to 5 Minor Flaws (2 from Warping), and a Major Flaw (from Warping). The only limitation that still applies is that grogs never get Story Flaws.

I would give an obvious and concrete hard "NO" as reply to that.

I agree with direwolf. Now how does that feel, direwolf?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

And now that I'm done laughing, I'll add that I concur.
We've played Grogs like that for years. We like our Grogs old, warped and slightly broken.

Oooooh yes YES that feels soooo great, do it again will you! :smiling_imp:


Munchkin GMs would count them.

But that would mean a lower final total...