Warping for living in a high magical aura


Some of the mundane characters in my saga are reaching rank 1 in warping, for living in a high level magical aura.
I could of course just select any minor flaw, half random, and go for it.
But i wish to give some meaning into it. I wish to make the consequence of warping somewhat related to the place they live in.
And that's the problem: i can not come up with any satisfying idea. So i thought about asking the Ars community, in case you have better inspiration than me :slight_smile:

So, here's the covenant:
The covenant is carved into the cliffs bordering the river "Le Verdon" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verdon_Gorge). It's located in a former subterranean roman temple dedicated to Mercury. The magical aura is 7.
Into the Covenant, there is a big enough millenium temple of Mercury, as well as an almost functional roman thermae. There is also a magical well whose miraculous water has regenerative properties (resulting in a +2 Health modifier, according to "Covenant" rules). This well, along with the potent aura, is the primary reason why Mercury priests settled a temple there.
So, the thematics of the covenant are:

  • stone, roc (subterranean, Verdon Gorge)
  • water (the river Verdon, the well, roman thermae)
  • magic and pagan faith (temple to Mercury)

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Underground - unnatural pallor and large eyes leading first to an appearance penalty and then difficulty seeing in bright light with bonus in darkness
Water - constant thirst eading to penalties to resist deprivation that get worse with more warping and the bizarre ability to drink arbitrarily large amounts of water
Mercury - having prayers to the god just on the edge of hearing giving penalties to concentration and or awareness and leading onto visions or an obsession with refounding the cult which may lead to supernatural virtues if successful.
Rock - calcification giving worsening penalties to DEX and QUI and eventual boni to STR and soak.

Seems to me that what you're looking for are Greco-Roman mythological curses and/or creatures. Look into some of the creatures Odysseus ran into, and given them aspects of those creatures.

Well, since the aura gives a bonus to healing for living inside it, how about a lesser Maladiction, Must make aging roll for every season spent outside of the aura? That by using the aura for a long time, the bodies become dependant on it?