Warping Point

I have some trouble regarding the Warping Points! When a Magus reach a Warping Score of 1 does he gains a minor Flaw to reflect the predominant source of the WP or is this consequence limited to the profane?

I have noticed the words "mundane charcacters" [Arm5 Core Rulebook p.168] and so I think the effect is limited to the profane (Magi are not mundane charcacters) and not to the Magi, already penalized to be more prone to the Wizard's Twilight.

Is my idea correct? My storyteller does not think so!

And again if the main source of WP is a Longevity Ritual, which Flaw do you select to reflect it?

Thanks you all in advance!

No, magi don't get the flaws for the warping points. (Serf's Parma here, but,) Magi are aligned to the magic realm, so they don't gain flaws or virtues from warping.

Warping does impact how difficult it is to handle Twilight. More warping means it's tougher to avoid Twilight. Lots of warping means that when you do botch you stand a good chance of going into Final Twilight.


Different magical traditions lead to different effects of warping. People who have nothing special warp per the normal warping rules. Magi experience twilight.

In some of the supplemental rules we've seen other warping effects for other traditions, (vituperation in RoP: infernal, Illumination in Ancient magic, and Divine Ascension/Gloom from RP: Divine).