Warping Score logical ? For a newfounded apprentice

Hello everyone.
I need your help i cant figure out something, as my mind can be quite good in math i cant figure out this one even if my SG say it is totally logic. As i trust totally his judgement in the matter i still have to admit my weakness in the matter of Ars magica's mecanics.

So my Seeker Bonisagus did found in one of his adventure a second new apprentice.
This one was stuck in a regio were neither magic nor time can either works and after few adventure, we discover it was the reverse side of the magical world, so magic cant exist since it is the reverse image of it.
This apprentice told me his stories, he was living in helvetia, before being an apprentice he was able to run a from a mountain side to another one without being tired.
People tend to not like him but his size provided him shelter, (he is about 1m90 for 9 years old).
His ancient master (unknown) took him as an apprentice, did raised him in a box, giving him food and lesson through a hole.
One time his master realeased him from the box, asked him to do some magical circle and during the process, one second he was drawing the other he fell in an ocean, until a voice called him and he swam until he reached the regio.
Which made me think that twilight and the regio were kinda linked.

Now i have put the Background where i need you guys

Apprentice : Albert
Warping Score 16 (730) Anyone have a clue or idea how much he could get from a twilight like this ??
Age 9
Size 0
Stat: Actual until he reach 15 str +2, sta +4, dex -1, qck -4, prs -4, com -2, int 0, per -2 ///(When he will be 15 : str +4, sta+6, dex +1, qck -2, prs -2, com -0 int +2, per 0)
-Giant Blood
-Great StaminaX2
-Enduring Constitution
-Reserver of Stamina
-Self confident
-Improv charac

  • Blatant Gift
  • Driven : Survival
  • Deficient form vim
  • Careless Sorcerer
  • Limited Magic Resistance Vim
  • Flawed Parma Magica Vim
    Abilities: artes liberales (ceremonial magic) 1 [latin], athletics (endurance) 4, awareness (danger) 2, braw (fist) 2, Faerie Lore (1), Intrigue (1) language: romanche (argot) 5 [natal], language: latin (hermetic terms) 4, leadership (enfants) 2, magic theory (vim) 2, Profession Soldier (1), swim (endurance) 4
    Cr 5, In 5, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 5, An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 0, He 0, Ig 0, Im 0, Me 0, Te 5, Vi 5

I plan to train as much as i can his Vim so he can survive for the rest if you have any idea i would be interested.

At first glance a Warping score of 16 makes no sense, but perhaps your storyguide probably has a reason for this.

One possible theory is that he will not accumulate warping points but rather lose them over time, instead of the accumulating them. But it is probably more twisted than that. (shrugs)

And we both know my Irl Sg, which is the same we have in our forum Story Thread :slight_smile:

Losing other time i couldn't event think about that ... quite interesting idea.
Any idea of development pole i should go for ?

An overall focus on Corpus would seem to fit with the apprentice's natural aptitudes. But a warrior-mage could also be appropriate. It's your saga and your apprentice. :laughing:

I don't understand how he could get 16 for score of warping : in a regio, you cannot get more than a score of 5... after he gets attuned

Just got the answear from Sg

The old master of this apprentice was nuts....
He did put the apprentice in a Magical box serving him food or teaching him while he was inside

The box was equivalent of the parma so 365 days, 2 activation the day = 2 point of warp per day .

OK, but it still doesn't match up. His Arts haven't been opened, so he cannot have experienced Twilight. All the variants are introduced by the opening of the Gift. He's just gaining normal Warping. So, starting from a balanced V&F standpoint, he should now have in addition to that:
2x Minor Flaw - Warping Scores 1 and 3
1x Minor Virtue - Warping Score 5
11x Major Flaw - Warping Scores 6-16

That seems like a crippling number of Flaws. I expect there are house rules going on here or this was just entirely overlooked.

Im sorry but his art were opened.

Oh, I misunderstood. I thought "new apprentice" meant "new" in a different way. I thought you were working with him and that's how he'd gotten those Art scores. Got it now.

Yes, it's trivial to get tons of Warping Points if you want to. It's the key to super power with the right choices. I can make a character one season out of apprenticeship with ridiculous magic resistance, penetration, and soak that way.

However, I'm now noting something else. It looks like it was run in the same way as a "constant" effect (trigger 2/day for Sun) of high magnitude and not designed for him. Wouldn't that be 6 points for the year?