weapon damage

Ok, maybe I'm blind and didn't see it but I did not see any missile launchers, rocket launchers, mini guns,or any other high caliber or big and powerful gun listed in the guns section. Are these listed somewhere else or are these just not allowed in the game?

Weapons like that are covered on page 130 under Military-Grade Weaponry.

Look on page 130, "Military Grade Weaponry."

These weapons follow special rules because in the action film source material the game is based on, they don't act like normal guns.

Essentially, they are more effective at attacking Mooks and Vehicles, and less effective at attacking Named Foes and Player Characters unless those characters are already very injured, in which case damage goes up and it acts like a finishing blow.

There are exceptions, such as the higher ranks of Bag of Guns providing Laser Gatling Guns that are still treated like normal guns.

As blackwingedheaven already said, Page 130 covers their use in standard fights. Page 151 "Anti-vehicle Weapons" covers their use in chases and against vehicles generally. The following section "Mounted Weapons" is also potentially of use.

Thanks everybody, appreciate it.