Weird sources of inspiration/comparison

This morning in the train between Madrid and Barcelona (I take it twice every 2 weeks) I watched Iron Man. I had already seen it, but watching it again it just occurred to me that it would be an AMAZING single-mage covenant. Stark could easily be considered a magus, and he even has his sanctum in the basement. 2 assistants (custos/companions) and a few grogs scattered around the city. IN fact the first time he uses the stabilizer my first thought was "I wouldn't have thought that a PoF would have recoil".

The whole micro-setting (covenant, and main characters) can easily be converted to Ars Magica, and in fact I might do that IMS, for a semi-crazy genius tytalus seeker or something like that.

I have also designed an adventure around a painting by Goya showing the Male ram and the witches.

So, have you had similar "inspiration" or thoughts watching a movie, a painting or something else?



I have had at least a half dozen never-used characters based upon Iron Man or Doctor Doom. I imagine a Verditius magus with a focus in enchanted armour, all kinds of neat spells in the armour (which would be a Talisman), and more. The Flaws practically write themselves! Iron Man has a Weakness for strong drink, is Lecherous, and has a Fragile Constitution because of his heart. Doom? Disfigured and Obsessed.

I was thinking about some things like Buffy the Vampire slayers, my experiences in university internal struggling and political local and regional "wars" which i met directly (If you think that a Tribunal is hard, think about the littles left unions...)
Then some animes series gave me ideas too. And talking about Marvel, Do you remember the fight between God and Devil by Doc Strange's Soul? That gave me the ida for a 4 bands debate for a Gifted Childrezn, with Devil, Faery, ancient God and Angel, and the order of course for a Gifted children.

Some anime, like FMA, have excellent magus concept :smiley: