What Abilities cover Dancing, Poetry, Comedy and Drama?

Would Dancing be assumed to be covered by Etiquette?
And Poetry by what, Scribe or Language? At least the writing part, performing it might be covered by Etiquette or Charm?
Or Drama, and perhaps Comedy in the performing end of it, by Guile? While the writing of it perhaps more likely by Scribe or language, as above.

Any good suggestions?

The reason I'm looking into this, is to find out which abilities could be affected by the inspiration of the Muses.

Social court dancing: I could see Etiquette covering that.
Folk dancing in villages: I'd go with Carouse.
Poetry: Language, for sure. Scribe pretty much deals with the physical placement of letters upon a page, not the content of those letters.
For performing dance, poetry, or drama, I think that would be covered under appropriate Professions.