What can you get out of Divine Gloom?

When experiencing Divine Gloom (from RoP:tD) a character gains a number of experience points equal to the number of warping points gained "to divide between Dominion lore, any Holy Power Abilities, and the Ability scores of any Virtue with a holy source (such as Sense Holiness and Unholiness etc.)".

Does this include Holy Methods? It would appear it does not.

Does this include Holy Powers the character does not possess? Perhaps only if the character has True Faith? Technically it would appear that the character can gain new Powers, even without True Faith.

Does this include Ability scores derived from Virtues the character does not possess? Hmm, I would say no, for otherwise it would make the previous line redundant.


Yes it does. The Methods and Powers are Supernatural Abilities, as per their descriptions in RoP: D, pages 34-36.

I would say Storyguide's call in both cases. Are there particular powers or abilities that would be appropriate to impose in the context of the Gloom experience? Most importantly, would they contribute to the quality of the story?